Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

ANC “accidentally endorse” Helen Zille in bizarre Parliamentary gaffe

Helen Zille ANCThis is about as big of a political own-goal as you could wish to score. Through sheer inaction, the ANC have facilitated Parly’s praise of Helen Zille.

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The ANC and Helen Zille may sound like chalk and cheese, but according to a recent motion passed in Parliament, they seem to have buried the hatchet and “endorsed” her political policies.

Of course, they’ve made a huge error of judgement rather than a massive shift in political opinion. But due to their inattentiveness, an official Parliamentary motion was approved by the party which congratulated the achievements of Zille’s DA administration over the past 10 years.

“Dear Premier Zille… The Assembly congratulates the Western Cape provincial government in achieving [such] massive feats. A copy of the minutes containing the text of the motion is attached”

Baleka Mbete

How Helen Zille gained ANC approval… sort of:

In the last decade, Helen Zille has served as both DA leader and the Western Cape premier. Her time in charge is coming to an end though, as she prepares to bow out after the 2019 Elections. So how did she end up with a universally-backed letter of congratulations from the National Assembly?

DA MP Lungiswa James tabled the motion earlier this year, asking the house to recognise the achievements made by the DA-run Western Cape since they assumed power in the province. Usually, these type of promotional moves are instantly blocked at the behest of an opposition MP.

Yet no-one from the ANC actually bothered to declare their disagreements. The bill therefore sailed through Parliament, resulting in a significant PR victory for the DA. The ruling party, however, are responsible for a major political own-goal. The letter commended Zille for the following things:

  • Getting the unemployment rate in the Western Cape under 20%.
  • Awarding 100 000 title deeds to working-class citizens.
  • Increasing the amount of WC households within 30 minutes of a health facility to 91.5%.
  • The completion of all 200 000 housing opportunities promised by the provincial government.
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The motion of congratulations, as signed by Speaker Baleka Mbete. – Photo: Supplied

ANC, DA renew hostilities

The embarrassing gaffe comes at a time where the DA and ANC have intensified their rivalry. With less than four weeks left until the 2019 Elections, the campaign trail has become a fierce battleground for each side to denigrate the other.

The Alexandra protests are proving to be the hot-button issue at the moment. The ANC blamed the DA for failing the citizens of the city they run, but the Blues hit back immediately, saying that the government are responsible for syphoning R1.7bn from the failed Alex Renewal Project.

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