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Alexandra protests: ANC accused of using “Bell Pottinger bots” to stir up trouble

Alexandra protests bell pottingerIt seems like South Africa is still being haunted by the ghost of Bell Pottinger. DA spokesperson Solly Malatsi says the ANC are playing dirty over Alexandra.

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We’re into the ninth day of protests from citizens of the Alexandra township in Johannesburg, as politicians fight to blame each other for the alleged “influx of migrants” into the overcrowded settlement. However, things have taken a sinister turn in the war of words between parties and the ANC are accused of “resurrecting” Bell Pottinger.

Bell Pottinger back from the grave?

Solly Malatsi is a spokesperson for the DA. In a written communication issued this Wednesday, he slammed the government for engineering the troubles in Alexandra. He then took aim at their Head of Elections Fikile Mbalula, suggesting that he is employing “the bots of Bell Pottinger” to help create chaos in the region:

“The recent acts of anarchy in Alexandra, Johannesburg have been orchestrated by ANC Campaign Head, Fikile Mbalula and his Bell Pottinger Bot Army. This has been reported to the SAPS and IEC for an urgent investigation.”

Solly Malatsi

The toxic legacy of Bell Pottinger

Bell Pottinger rose to infamy in South Africa when the British-based PR company did the dirty work of the Guptas on these shores. They were responsible for producing hundreds of accounts which blamed the country’s poor financial performance on “white monopoly capital”, rather than the Zupta alliance.

They were found out during the winter of 2017 and went out of business just a few months later. However, Malatsi has accused the ANC – and Mbalula in particular – of carrying on their legacy, by manipulating social media and shifting the blame onto other parties.

EFF side with DA on Alexandra protests

In a further blow for the ANC’s image, the EFF actually sided with the DA on this issue earlier on Wednesday. During a press briefing, Julius Malema stated that the government had completely manufactured the protests, and supported the Blues’ claims that Ramaphpsa and his comrades must answer for the failed Alexandra Renewal Project:

“There is no mess created by the DA in Alex. The DA found that mess there and they did not do anything about it, that’s the difference. Where is the money of Alexandra Renewal? Who is responsible to answer?”

“We don’t support that Alex protest, it is not genuine. It is an ANC campaign. They must stop playing with the feelings of our people.”

Julius Malema

Alexandra protests – latest news:

Malatsi, meanwhile, passionately feels like these strong-arm tactics are a sign of things to come from the ANC. He’s accused them of planning disruptions in order to make certain DA-run wards look bad ahead of next month’s election. Whatever the truth may be, silly season is in full swing…

“These attacks are intended to undermine the progress being made in DA governments. Rolling protests are being planned in order to incite violence and shut down communities, in pursuit of the ANC’s narrow political objectives.”

“It is now clearer than ever before that the ANC would rather create chaos, instability and disrupt peoples’ daily lives than accept that they are losing support.”

Solly Malatsi

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