Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Alexandra mob justice: Murder case opened in torched man’s death [video]

alexandra community torched a suspected criminalPolice are looking for answers in this brutal Alexandra mob justice attack.

alexandra mob justice murder case opened in torched mans death video 1024x853 - Alexandra mob justice: Murder case opened in torched man’s death [video]

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Warning: This article features a video that contains very graphic material. The raw footage of the torching was captured by Alexandra community members who watched on as a man burned alive. Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised.

The Alexandra community is being investigated by the police after the torched remains of an unidentified man were found at around 17:00 on Monday.

Why did the Alexandra community torch the man?

As reported by Times Live, police responded to alerts of a mob justice attack on a man who was suspected of being a serial sexual offender and a robber.

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By the time law enforcement got to the scene, many of those who had participated in the beating and torching of the unknown male had left, and all that remained were the victim’s ashy remains.

Police open murder case against Alex community

According to police spokesperson, Colonel Lungelo Dlamini, no further developments have been made to ascertain the claims the community had made about the man.

“An unknown man was assaulted and set alight. The allegations are that the victim had been raping and robbing women in Alexandra,” Dlamini noted in a statement.

Since then, police have received no information to support the claims the community made about the unknown male. Thus, a murder case has been opened.

“We are appealing to anyone who might know the identity of the victim to come forward or anyone who may have information about the perpetrators,” Dlamini added.

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Watch: Suspected criminal torched in mob justice attack

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