Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Alex Total Shutdown: ANC NEC member accused of “encouraging violence”

Tony Yengeni Alex Total ShutdownTony Yengeni is being blamed for inciting violence during the Alex Total Shutdown protests, after he posted a few questionable Tweets this weekend.

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Heavy rain and miserable weather conditions are currently promising to thwart the second week of Alex Total Shutdown protests. However, the demonstrators have found plenty of support from friends in high places – including the backing of ANC NEC member, Tony Yengeni.

Why Tony Yengeni could be in trouble for his Tweets

The politician Tweeted his support to the protesters over the weekend in bombastic fashion. The group could take their shutdown to Sandton on Monday, as several leaders have already promised to migrate to the affluent area of Johannesburg. Yengeni held nothing back when sharing his views on the situation:

Tony Yengeni accused of “inciting violence” for Alex Total Shutdown

However, this show of solidarity is nothing more than an “incitement of violence”, according to certain representatives of the DA. Solly Msimanga is the party’s nominee for Gauteng premier: He blasted Yengeni for encouraging violent behaviour, labelling his rallying call as a “political ploy”.

“This commentary clearly indicates that Yengeni is encouraging Alex Total Shutdown protesters to resort to violence and lawlessness against Mayor Herman Mashaba. It proves that the protest in Alex is not a service delivery protest but more a political ploy a few weeks before the elections.”

“It is very disappointing that an ANC NEC member who understands the IEC rules continues to go against these rules by using the plight of the residents which has been caused by the failures of his own political party, to fuel violence.”

Solly Msimanga

On Sunday, Msimanga registered charges against the ANC at the Alexandra Police Station for inciting violence in Alexandra and influencing of the outcomes of the General Elections at the Alexandra Police Station. Yengeni has also been reported to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for sanctioning anarchist behaviour.

It’s not just a Tweet that’s got the DA riled up either. They claim to be in possession of incriminating WhatsApp messages and audio notes that frame the ANC as “instigators” in the Alex Total Shutdown.

Alex Total Shutdown – latest news:

The atmosphere has been fraught over the weekend, as locals wait for the next move from the angered mob. Last week, we saw protesters hurl racist abuse to Johannesburg Councillor Michael Sun when he arrived to speak to the crowds.

They are demanding an audience with City Mayor Herman Mashaba, who they blame for an influx of foreign inhabitants erecting shacks in the already-crowded settlement. Mashaba, however, has passed the political hot potato onto his ANC counterparts, blaming provincial and previous local governments for the housing crisis.

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