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Afcon 2019: What history tells us about Egypt’s chances as hosts

Tournament performance of Africa Cup of Nations hostsHomeground advantage is often mooted as a big deal. But how much does it matter for Africa Cup of Nations hosts? We take a look.

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The 2019 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations is here. Well,
almost if you’re reading this before Egypt vs Zimbabwe kick things off in Group
A. The 32nd edition of the tournament has been expanded from 16 to
24 teams and will be played in the mid-year slot for the first time.

Even before kick-off, the tournament courted controversy,
largely centred around selection of the host. Egypt was eventually given the rights,
the fifth time that they’ll host the event.

Home ground advantage is often mooted as a key for
tournament success, but what does history say about that theory?

There’s much more to consider than simple stats, of course. Egypt
has always been considered one of Africa’s best teams. They’re certainly the
most successful in terms of Afcon trophies, having won it seven times – more than
any other side.

Of those seven wins, they were hosts on three occasions.

Overall, Afcon hosts were winners 11 times, but it’s not
happened since 2006. The host and champions on that occasion? Yep, Egypt.

Here’s a look at how the hosts have fared at Afcon
throughout the years.

Note: Ghana/Nigeria
(2000) and Equatorial Guinea/Gabon (2012) were co-hosts.

Tournament performance of Africa Cup of Nations hosts

Year Hosts Final placing
1957 Sudan Semi-finals
1959 Egypt Champions
1962 Ethiopia Champions
1963 Ghana Champions
1965 Tunisia Runners-up
1968 Ethiopia Semi-finals
1970 Sudan Champions
1972 Cameroon Semi-finals
1974 Egypt Semi-finals
1976 Ethiopia First round
1978 Ghana Champions
1980 Nigeria Champions
1982 Libya Runners-up
1984 Ivory Coast First round
1986 Egypt Champions
1988 Morocco Semi-finals
1990 Algeria Champions
1992 Senegal Quarter-finals
1994 Tunisia First round
1996 South Africa Champions
1998 Burkina Faso Semi-finals
2000 Ghana Quarter-finals
2000 Nigeria Runners-up
2002 Mali Semi-finals
2004 Tunisia Champions
2006 Egypt Champions
2008 Ghana Semi-finals
2010 Angola Quarter-finals
2012 Equatorial Guinea Quarter-finals
2012 Gabon Quarter-finals
2013 South Africa Quarter-finals
2015 Equatorial Guinea Semi-finals
2017 Gabon First round

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