Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Zahara signs historic concert residency deal with Emperor’s Palace

zaharaThe fact that a woman broke this record makes this all the more sweeter.

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Zahara has come out of a dark phase in her life to ink a lucrative deal with Emperor’s Palace, making her the first South African musician to achieve such a feat.

On Thursday, the singer who burst onto the scene with her classic debut, Loliwe, posted a carousel of videos showing her stamping her handprints in clay, at the Emperor’s Palace offices, with the caption:

“Thank you Emperor’s Palace, looking forward to a great partnership.”

Zahara, Instagram post on Thursday, 20 June.

What is included in Emperor’s Palace deal with Zahara?

Zahara has landed a concert residency deal with the international hotel and casino conglomerate.

This means that, for an unspecified duration of her contract, she will be required to perform at a certain number of the conglomerate’s hotels, around the world.

The deal has been set at an undisclosed fee, but one can safely assume that it is a hefty sum.

In 2016 alone, the singer’s booking fee sat at a base of R100 000 a night, making her one of the highest paid musicians in the country.

Flights, accommodation and leisure expenses may also be covered by the hotel in such a deal.

Are there other South African artists with concert residency deals?

The answer to this question is in the headline — No. There have not been any artists from Mzansi that have attracted such a deal in history.

In fact, Trevor Noah himself, with the proper set up he has at the Daily Show, has not yet secured the coveted residency spot in Las Vegas.

As historic of a move as this is for Zahara, the hotel and casino conglomerate will be wary of her history with alcohol abuse.

The singer was forced to cancel her Summer schedule after she contracted a liver disease and spent much of the season in hospital.

However, recent images of the singer from Eastern Cape show a recovered and rejuvenated woman ready to conquer the world once more.

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