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Workshop17 launches new workspace in Cape Town on 4 July

The latest offering from renowned coworking pioneers.

workshop17 launches new workspace in cape town on 4 july 1024x681 - Workshop17 launches new workspace in Cape Town on 4 July

Workshop17, local champions of community-driven coworking spaces, will be launching its newest addition in Cape Town on 4 July.

Located in the iconic East Side precinct of the Mother City, embodying the unique fusion of classic Cape Town style and a near-futuristic physique, Workshop17 at The Harrington is a breath of fresh air amid the stereotypical sterility of office life.

This flair is emboldened by spectacular panoramic views of
Table Mountain; illuminated by the workspace’s tactful use of elongated glass
windows. The natural light, which shifts across colourful hues throughout the
day, enters peripheral office spaces; yet another symbol of defiance against
the cubicle-bound fluorescence which has come to typify the modern-day office

Workshop17, changing more than just the face of office work

1109cb68 ws17 harrington3 2048x1362 - Workshop17 launches new workspace in Cape Town on 4 July
Workshop17 at The Harrington / Image supplied, via Facebook @workshop17

Workshop17, seeking to redefine the meaning of office work –
by actively incorporating elements of collaboration, creative freedom and a
tangible sense of community – offers small business and entrepreneurs the
perfect environment to explore original innovation, without neglecting the ethos
of hard work.

While Workshop17 has five fully functioning spaces, spread
across Cape Town and Johannesburg, the launch of The Harrington street offices is
setting up to be the firm’s latest defining moment.

Connections – especially between businesses, free-thinkers
and innovators – play an integral part of Workshop17’s philosophy. As such, the
launch of the new facilities serves as an open invitation to tenants and the
intrigued alike; a call to connect with the space and, more importantly, each

The Harrington launch

9afb13e6 ws17 harrington2 2048x1329 - Workshop17 launches new workspace in Cape Town on 4 July
Workshop17 at The Harrington / Image supplied, via Facebook @workshop17

Workshop17 at The Harrington is complete with a variety of
spaces, suited to match personalised needs. Coworking spaces, typified by relaxed
lounge areas and hot-desks compliment the dedicated private offices which dot
the level. Fully equipped meeting rooms also allow for an added sense of

The fine balance between corporate and comfort extends
beyond the decorated walls of The Harrington’s second storey and down to the
street below. As described by Workshop17:

“The vibrant part of Cape Town is fast becoming an attraction for both tourists and locals and the street is buzzing during any time of the day. Art galleries, coffee spots and boutique eateries complement the nightlife on the strip with The Harrington at the centre of the buzz.”

Perfect placement in Cape Town’s inner city extenuates the
creative ethic. This artistic flair, which is tastefully replicated throughout
Workshop17’s Harrington space, opens the launch on 7 July. This is followed by
a self-guided art tour of a collection curated by Morné Visagie of OPEN24HRS.

The private collection represents contemporary art by
artists such as Paul du Toit, Frédérique Morrel, Claire Johnson, Robin Rhode
and Nina Liebenberg, to name a few.

For more information – and to RSVP to the launch – visit Workshop17’s Facebook page.

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