Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Wits builds a strong international network

Wits University provides an exclusive and unique connection to a global network of Wits alumni.

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Staying connected
to your university is a great way of building an international career network. About
128 000 Wits University alumni are on LinkedIn, including almost 6 000 in the
UK, over 5 000 each in Australia and the USA and almost 2 000 in

Most of these alumni work in professional, business and education fields and are skilled in management, research and planning. They include high-profile achievers and leaders, ambitious youngsters with fresh skills, and recruiters on the lookout for excellence.

The Wits University group on LinkedIn has over 178 000
followers: people who are interested in what Wits and Witsies are doing.

The 7 000-plus LinkedIn users who have joined the Wits Alumni
LinkedIn group can make contact with each other directly.  

LinkedIn is especially powerful as a career networking
tool, but there are other reasons for alumni to connect with Wits and each
other. The University will be 100 years old in 2022 and would like to celebrate
the occasion with Witsies around the world.

Alumni can update their contact details online at www.wits.ac.za/alumni or e-mail alumni@wits.ac.za.

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