Winter is here but DStv Now users were left out in the cold

The timing couldn’t have been worse.

winter is here but dstv now users were left out in the cold 1024x567 - Winter is here but DStv Now users were left out in the cold

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Thousands of fans set their alarm for 3:00 to watch the first episode of Game Of Thrones season 8, only to be left out in the cold when the DStv Now app crashed.

Technical issues with DStv live streams

The app only worked thirty minutes into the first episode, causing netizens to vent on Twitter. DStv later issued an update:

“We seem to be experiencing a technical issue with our live streams, but our technical team is hard at work trying to fix the problem. In the meantime, please log out of the app, clear the app cache and log back in and let us know how it goes.”

Fans were enraged

Still, that didn’t sit well with South Africans who were missing out on sleep for this. Sandisiwe Mbhele said she was so excited to watch it as it airs, “only to find out that [DStv] hadn’t put it up on catch-up yet.”

Several users irritably pointed out that there was an error n the app, or that the show simply wasn’t available to them on Catch Up. A user known only as The Given, penned this gem:

“For the night is dark
And full of terror,
especially when the DStv app,
gives you an error.”

They added a “3am fail” hashtag for good measure.” DJ Bob said the service kept buffering and dryly remarked that “even the illegal sites can’t handle the traffic.”

A user known as Renton was upset about spoilers as well. He tweeted: “Still waiting for an apology from the ignorant dweebs handling [DStv] on social media. […] They ignored customers all morning and tweeted spoilers.”

Petunia simply added that “DSTV scammed us,” while Boom Box was upset about missing the first half of the first episode. “Thanks, DStv for having a broken app,” they added.

The problem affected users in Kenya as well, and Lewis Olimba wanted to know “where is the need of paying DStv premium when we watch Game of Thrones a whole 24 hours later.”

In Nigeria Alabi Abolade said it is “such a poor online streaming service from [DStv Nigeria.] Stayed up late just for my DStv Now not to load live TV. How am I supposed to stream Game of Thrones.”

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The reaction on Twitter

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