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What to watch at the cinema this week: The Adventures of Supermama

adventures of supermamaSouth African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) winner Nomsa Buthelezi takes on her first feature film lead role in The Adventures of Supermama. Doris is here to fight crime.

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The Adventures of Supermama opened at selected cinemas nationwide this past Friday, 14 June 2019, and you simply have see it. One of the producers, Supermama Films’ Rory Downing, describes it as fresh and unique. He adds:

“For South African audiences out there, you are assured some hilarious and emotional moments from this highly relevant storyline.”

Cebrities, industry players and the media gathered at Northgate’s Century CinemaX on last week to attend the films’ star-studded Johannesburg Premiere, hosted by Supermama Films and Century CinemaX.

Speaking at the event, leading actor Nomsa Buthelezi – Supermama herself – said the film will motivate every woman and girl to pursue their dreams. She explained:

“For me this movie shows that every girl can do this. Yes baby, you can do anything!”

Buthelezi invited her co-stars to share the spotlight and reminisce about their experiences on set. From struggling with the high kicks to rehearsing with her co-stars and all the shenanigans in between.

Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer below and see for yourself.

Director Karen van Schalkwyk said she was thrilled that audiences will have the opportunity to see the film on circuit, and to get a glimpse of the joy and hard work that went into making Supermama. She said:

“It has been the culmination of many years of hard work. It was great fun making this film and it is fantastic that Supermama can finally have a life of her own and get out there into the world.”  

The Adventures of Supermama also screened at the Durban Film Fest last year. In addition, you can marvel at the greatness that is Buthelezi by watching Lockdown on Showmax.

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Where to watch

If you would like to see Supermama in action, simply head out to one of the participating cinemas:  

  • Nu Metro Canal Walk, Cape Town
  • Menlyn, Pretoria
  • Mamelodi, Pretoria
  • The Pavilion, Durban
  • Trade Route Mall, Lenasia
  • Westgate, Roodepoort
  • Century CinemaX in Northgate, Johannesburg.

The Adventures of Supermama: Synopsis

Doris Ratabane is a large, stubborn and beautiful woman with a passion for fighting crime in her community. Doris’s life changes forever one day when she meets the enigmatic Mr Hung.

She decides to learn the ancient art of Kung Fu, which completely baffles her husband Jabulani. The training is tough but encouragement arrives in the form of Tiny, a charming ten-year-old boy.

Against the advice of Mr Hung, and against all odds, Doris stubbornly declares that she is ready to fight crime. After a couple of dramatic missteps, the crime-fighting Supermama finally achieves success.

She soon finds herself in the company of the Police Commissioner, with whom she develops a working relationship. However, the public success goes to her head.

When Mr Hung warns his protégé about her arrogance, Doris will hear none of it. Eventually, her dramatic adventures bring her head-to-head with a notorious heist gang, leading to danger for all involved, including her loved ones.

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The Adventures of Supermama: Cast

  • Nomsa Buthelezi as Doris Ratabane, aka Supermama
  • Desmond Dube as the Police Commissioner
  • Michael Mabizela as Doris’s husband, Jabulani
  • Leo Ming as Mr Hung

Watch: The Adventures of Supermama trailer

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