Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Visual content is king

(Partner Content) More and more companies are embracing visual marketing as their preferred communication style. Visual marketing focuses on the use of carefully curated images that are relevant to the brand; these images can also be paired with specific design elements, designed to further draw consumers in.

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One picture [is] worth ten thousand words” – Fred R. Barnard

This adage contains the key to the success of brand awareness executions in this modern and digital era. With studies indicating that consumers only retain 20 percent of what they read versus 80 percent of the visuals they see; and that they process such visuals 600 000 times faster than text – it becomes clear which medium is much more likely to get the clicks and shares that brands need. 

Companies that want to be leaders in this visual first world are realising the need to have their own, curated, high quality visuals for use in their marketing and communication needs. Brands are realising they can no longer just rely on stock imagery, or sporadically created visuals when communicating. 

Historically and up until now, brands have relied heavily on their existing relationships with creative agencies for all their visual marketing elements – which has resulted in misinterpretations of the expected outcomes and even costly expenditures for the multiple resources focused on the deliverables. 

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Image provided by Eccentrics

Despite this, a new trend has emerged that has disrupted the market. Organizations like Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency, have taken ownership of their clients’ visual marketing strategies – helping them articulate their vision into a set of visuals. They do this by Conceptualising, Capturing and Curating each visual marketing brief. The agency goes through a process of conceptualisation – by formulating a big idea and an action plan for the job, visuals are then captured according to the agreed upon requirements. They then factor in corporate identity and other guidelines, and lastly the images are edited and inspected before submission. This process has afforded clients direct links and communication with the agency. With the benefits of not incurring additional multiple agency fees and affording the comfort of a complete agency etiquette and process. 

Visual marketing has become a fresh approach to branding. It aims to establish brand identity and incorporate the flexibility required to ensure brand longevity in the open market.  This becomes increasingly important in the age of social media, where brand control does not lie fully in the hands of the brand owner.  Today multiple stakeholders – including  ‘paying’  customers as well as admirers of the brand and detractors – contribute to brand meaning and brand narratives. In order to succeed in modern markets, organizations should allow for the use of the artistic method to create value, and contrast it with the more conventional notions of market-making. It really comes down to the fact that visual art agencies understand both business and the desires of consumers. 

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Image provided by Eccentrics

Companies require visual strategies to inform their visual executions, ensuring consistent and more informed visuals that consumers can relate to and anticipate. This also assists brands build a library of ‘on CI’ visuals to be used across the business, for both internal and external purposes. Sporadic shoots without strategy direction create inconsistency and a lack of a real association to the brand. 

Eccentrics is in its 6th year of operation and is a level 1 BEE visual arts agency. The company provides visual services such as photography, videography, motion graphics and animation services across varying industries. They capture images which communicate exactly what the business does and create content which can be used by the brand and its agencies. They plan along with the company for any upcoming events almost always in line with the company’s strategy. Visual content created by Eccentrics varies from Exco/board profile pictures, annual report photography and videography, events and product videos. They also create explainer videos, using motion graphics as the preferred method of execution. Their agency structure has allowed for the addition of other crucial 360 production offerings such as make up artistry, wardrobe styling, location scouting, and all pre and post production requirements. Eccentrics has carved a niche for itself and is helping many businesses transform the face of their brands.

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