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Vegan leader in corporate management pioneering the vegan food movement

(Partner Content) There is a defined current wave in the food industry, yes we are talking about the big plant-based and vegan lifestyle and diet. More and more people around the globe are opting for plant-based ways of life, and South Africans are no different.

vegan leader in corporate management pioneering the vegan food movement - Vegan leader in corporate management pioneering the vegan food movement

The transition from vegetarians to vegans has been so profound that 2019 was declared ‘The Year of the Vegan’ by The Economist and a report by the global consultancy, AT Kearney states, “The future of Vegan Food” has been predicted that by 2040, only 40% of the global population will consume meat. 

Beyond the trend and fads out there, “plant-based” and “veganism” have far extended their pre-stance and have found their way into the basic lifestyle of many. According to a BBC report, since its official launch in 2014, the ‘Veguanuary’ campaign has grown by 5 times in the number of people signing up. This of course only reflects the growth in the campaign, but this stat is a near reflection of the recognizable merge in the food industry.

This influx in this ‘trend’ can be observed in big local food companies like Nandos, Kauai, Simply Asia, the Spur group, who have stretched their menus to accommodate these diets, including local brands like Fry’s, Simple Truth and B-well. 

But how do brands like these gain the traction and the needed support within the industry, especially while ‘stirring the pot’ within current affairs such as the global environmental crisis, or positively changing the habits of the individual, the consumer and within the corporate giant. 

Deserved recognition must go to Morne Botes, commercial director at B-well foods and vegan corporate leader. Botes and his team have been the driving force behind the success of this brand and its influence within the health foods sector. “The way we have been living within the world is not sustainable”, says Botes, “We are destroying the world on a macro level due to what we eat, and this has several knock-on effects for the generations to come. For the world to survive, people will need to change their behaviour. These plant-based alternatives are more sustainable, eventually more cost-effective and will remove the reasoning for humans to use animals, free up our natural resources and assist us to have a future”. 

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Morne Botes, commercial director at B-well foods and vegan corporate leader. Image credit: Supplied by client

Botes, who has been vegan since 2016, has been setting new heights by challenging the narrative around fast and convenient foods, much like the B-well vegan Mayonnaise, which includes a gourmet option, can also be used as an egg substitute in baking and is also suitable for gluten-free. 

It is not enough to spread awareness and to educate; leaders in the field need to take the needed action towards resolve and solution-driven initiatives for the betterment of our world and all who live in it. It starts with big companies instigating the movement towards the change and adjusting the supply-demand chain.

B-well Foods provides high quality, locally produced canola products, not limited to premium olive oils and an extensive vegan mayonnaise range. B-well took lead in the industry by launching the first local Vegan and plant-based mayonnaise and is committed to uplifting the health status within South Africa.

For Botes and B-well, it is not about capitalizing on this growing market, however, an opportunity to showcase love for all living beings, the environment and to support health and well-being. In so doing, B-well ensures to produce and supply the highest quality products that cause no harm to the consumers, the environment, and to animals. The quality of their products is poised for even greater success as they expand the range to evolve with the consumers’ needs and health innovations while sharing knowledge and tools for others to jump aboard the wellness train! 

To see more of the company lead by Botes and the future-thinking brands created, check out: 

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