Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Tune in: George Clooney, Snoop Dogg to appear on new SA videocast

Jo Engelbrecht – better known as Jo Black – and Danny Painter have released the first episode of their videocast ‘The Jo and Danny Show’.

tune in george clooney snoop dogg to appear on new sa videocast - Tune in: George Clooney, Snoop Dogg to appear on new SA videocast

The Jo and Danny Show will feature Jo Black and Danny Painter in an online show which aims to promote kindness and entertain at the same time.

After all, despite the coronavirus pandemic bringing the live music industry to a standstill, the radio show can go on.

Pretoria North’s Black is a performer, musician and founder of Be That Guy/Girl organisation. One of the goals of the organisation is to promote leadership among youth.  

Brakpan’s Danny Painter is a radio and TV presenter. The two have been friends for some time and share the same drive and outlook on life.

How ‘The Jo and Danny Show’ started

4fb75d88 jo black - Tune in: George Clooney, Snoop Dogg to appear on new SA videocast
Jo Black. Image: Supplied

“We were at a braai at my house and it just happened. We spoke about it, decided to do it and three weeks later we were in a studio shooting,” said an enthusiastic Black.

Danny said she was not sure whether the show would happen: “I thought it was one of those ‘let’s do this cool thing’ and then you never actually do it.”

Overall, Jo and Danny thought the idea for the show made perfect sense and working together was inevitable.

As Danny noted: “I can’t sing, so Jo has to present!”

Feel-good show with international guests

They want it to be a “feel-good show” which promotes healing, kindness, connection and self-discovery. They plan to do this with enlightened discussions, sharing opinions and personal stories.

So, what can the audience expect?

 “You are going to see us be vulnerable and open, and see sides of us you’ve never seen before!” Black said.

In addition, Painter hinted that the audience could expect to see international guests, such as George Clooney and Snoop Dogg. They pair plan to invited many inspirational people to share their stories.

The first episode of The Jo and Danny Show is already out, and you can view it online on XOTV.

Black also joins Painter on air every Wednesday on Jacaranda FM, from 20:00 to 21:00, to talk about the episodes.

What they have learnt

After years of being in the entertainment industry, Black noted two of the biggest lessons he has learnt.

One is the importance of having true friends, and the other is that those whom he looks up to, are just regular everyday people.

“Just because they are on a stage or a TV screen, doesn’t make them better or worse than you or I,” said Black.

ce3598b5 danny painter - Tune in: George Clooney, Snoop Dogg to appear on new SA videocast
Danny Painter. Image: Supplied

Painter, on the other hand,  who grew up in the industry, said she had learned different lessons.

The first is that “it’s just a job” and it “shouldn’t define you”.

“It’s what you do, it’s not who you are,” she said.

On that note, she highlighted the importance of kindness within the industry.

Tips from Jo and Danny

Both the entertainers provide lifelong advice for those entering the entertainment industry.

They stress the importance of the basics such as always being on time, working hard, saving money and having something to fall back on.

As Black said: “You never know when something as ‘simple’ as laryngitis can take you out of the studio or off the stage and affect your income.”

Painter agreed.

“If you have a safety net you will be able to weather pretty much any storm,” she said.

Although many assume the entertainment industry is all glitz and glam, it involves many late nights alone in studio.

Regardless of the challenges, they aim to spread kindness in The Jo and Danny Show.

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