This Epic is the world’s lightest mountain bike and will be in SA by September

Specialized will sell you a new Epic which is lighter than anything else on the market.

this epic is the worlds lightest mountain bike and will be in sa by september 1024x620 - This Epic is the world’s lightest mountain bike and will be in SA by September

Specialized has released a new version of its
Epic hardtail mountain bike, which sets new standards for lightweight

The Californian cycling company set its
engineers strict conditions for the development of this latest Epic.

Carbon-fibre experts at Specialized managed
to produce a larger and improved frame that is paradoxically lighter than the
2018 Epic.

By optimising the moulding process of its
frame building technique, Specialized notably reduced the amount of material overlap
in its new Epic. That means less material being used – and a reduction in

In all cycling disciplines weight is a
crucial aspect of performance. The lighter your bike, the less energy you need
to power it along – meaning you can either ride faster or further.

With mountain biking, the issue is that weight reduction cannot sacrifice strength. Off-road trail conditions can include rocks, roots and jumps – all features which test the strength of a bike frame.

The ability of Specialized to produce a frame which weighs less and performs better, will unquestionably make it the most desirable bike to have this summer riding season.

e656e7f2 specialized epic ht 2020 full - This Epic is the world’s lightest mountain bike and will be in SA by September

Lighter than you could imagine

So how much does this frame actually weigh?
The magic number is 750g, which is 75g lighter than the 2018 Epic.

Specialized can also rightfully claim that with
its new Epic SWorks model, there is no lighter production mountain bike frame

Engineers and designers have not only managed
to produce an incredibly light frame with the new Epic, but also one which
offers a better ride.

Both the seat- and chainstays have been redesigned
to provide greater tyre clearance, allowing Epic riders to use wider 29er tyres
– which in turn offer benefits to both ride comfort and traction.

With many mountain bike races now including
more technical trail sections, riders are demanding bikes with altered geometry
and additional features – to help them conquer rock gardens and small jumps.

Responding to these trends, the new Epic is
slightly longer than its predecessor, to aid stability. It also features a larger
diameter seat tube, which can accept dropper seatposts, allowing riders to get
in a lower and more stable position when descending.

All these class-leading features don’t come
cheap. If you wish to be on the lightest mountain bike in South Africa this
summer racing season, the Specialized Epic SWorks can be rolled out of local
dealers this September.

For R140 000, you will be on a 7.8kg
mountain bike the envy of all other riders.

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