Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

The world’s first eco cigarettes, made by a Cape Town company

smokey treats woodland eco cigarettesA key answer to reducing plastic pollution, brought to you by the world’s first eco cigarette.

the worlds first eco cigarettes made by a cape town company 1024x683 - The world’s first eco cigarettes, made by a Cape Town company

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Smokey Treats is the first company, in history, that produces biodegradable eco cigarettes that do not contribute to the plastic pollution problem that currently haunts our planet.

As reported by Cape Town ETC, A 20-pack of Woodland craft ciggies will probably not cure your addiction to nicotine but at least, your habit of smoking will not be to the detriment of the environment.

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Smokey Treats: The world’s first eco cigarettes

Here is a fun fact. Ciggie butts are largely made from plastic. This means that for every butt smokers discard, it contributes to the scourge of plastic pollution. No amount of pollution is acceptable but plastic literally kills the environment.

However, according to the founders of Smokey Treats, Davide Scott and Adam van Wyngaarden, something can be done to compete against the giant tobacco manufacturers who contribute to the 26-billion cigarettes sold in South Africa every year.

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A large portion of these are often dumped on the ground, most of them even make it to our oceans. The makeup of these eco ciggies, though, may be the answer to curbing the horrible habit of ciggie butt littering.

Are eco ciggies a better option for the environment?

According to the company, this is the composition of the world’s first biodegradable ciggie:


The filter is made out of unbleached wood pulp and is 100% biodegradable. It also has a higher tar filtration capability than most ciggies. This means that it is a lot lighter on the throat.


The tobacco is sourced in Africa and according to the company, it is done using ethical measures. Moreover, there are no additives mixed in it.

Ciggie paper

The paper that wraps the tobacco is also unbleached and doesn’t have chlorine in it. It is made out of wood-pulp.

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The properties of the eco ciggie do not hold magical health-enhancing ingredients.

However, as you puff along, your conscience will weigh a bit lighter knowing that, at least, you are not harming the environment with plastic pollution.

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