Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

The Marathon continues: LA bids farewell to Nipsey Hussle [video]

nispey hussle deadThe marathon must continue.

the marathon continues la bids farewell to nipsey hussle video 1024x683 - The Marathon continues: LA bids farewell to Nipsey Hussle [video]

a725f6bc nipsey hussle 1200x800 - The Marathon continues: LA bids farewell to Nipsey Hussle [video]

“Los Angeles will never be the same.” These were the words Lauren London uttered in her attempt to maintain composure as she addressed the thousands of people that had made their way to the Staples Centre to bid farewell to Nipsey Hussle.

Ermias “Nipsey” Asghedon, on Thursday (CAT), was enshrined as one of the fewest people whose unfortunate passing brought unity in one of the most divided places in the world.

Los Angeles pays final respects to Nipsey Hussle

Gangs representing different colours in the spectrum came together, along with the world’s biggest celebrities, his friends and friends, to pay their last respects to a person whose life was embedded in the streets he uplifted.

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Mourners all over the world were able to tune into networks like BET to experience the power that Nipsey exuded in his death. Friends and family members took to the podium to share hilarious and, at times, touching stories about their experiences with the late rapper and businessman.

Louis Farrakhan likened Nipsey’s destiny to that of a swallow: a bird caped in blue and red that would travel hundreds of kilometres but would never forget to come home in Spring.

We have collected snippets of a few of the people who spoke at Nipsey’s memorial, as well as the final send-off that drew an estimated 10 000 people to Slauson Avenue, where he was slain.

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Nipsey Hussle’s final send-off

Louis Farrakhan

Samiel Asghedon

Lauren London

Angelique Smith

Dawit Asghedon

YG and DJ Mustard

Nipsey’s final send-off on Slauson Ave

Until we meet again Nipsey, the Marathon continues.

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