Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex allegedly planning to move to Africa

meghan markle duchess sussexNew reports suggest that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be moving to Africa, Canada or Australia after the birth of Baby Sussex.

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As reported by The Sunday Times, courtiers have allegedly drawn up plans to send Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on an international job, “probably in Africa.”

The couple will continue their work on behalf of the Commonwealth, as well as their charity work, through their new roles, while keeping international relations alive.

Rebecca English reports that an extended trip abroad might not be the case, and that Prince Harry and Meghan’s trip will only last a few months. She added:

“The idea is in the very early stages, however. Lots to be worked yet. […] The project needs to be thought through very carefully.”

Drama in the Royal ranks

However, English’s article in the Daily Mail seemed bias. It drew the ire of Sussex fans who accused English of being a mouthpiece for Prince William and Kate. But wait, that’s not all.

Fox News reported that Prince William wants Prince Harry and Meghan “as far away as possible”. However, claims of a feud between the Sussexes and Cambridges were denied by the Palace.

It must be noted though that mention of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was removed from Kensington Palace’s official Twitter account bio earlier this month.

The picture now shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their kids. The bio reads, “The official account of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Royal Foundation, based at Kensington Palace.”

Separate social media profiles

Instead of creating a separate Twitter account for the Sussexes, the royal pair took to Instagram instead, sharing posts on their @sussexroyal feed.

Once Harry and Meghan’s Instagram handle was live, they were removed from the @KensingtonRoyal profile photo and bio on both Instagram and Twitter.

Twitter users can now move over to the @RoyalFamily account for news about Meghan and Prince Harry, until they have a Twitter account. A user named Kevin Keiley currently owns the @sussexroyal handle.

The latest rift between the Sussexes and Cambridges have caused netizens to speculate about the comings and goings of the Royals. As well as the reasons behind splitting the two households.

Lazy Royals

The consensus is that Prince William and Kate are lazy. In addition, they are being placed in a bad light by the hardworking Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

A user known as Zanye said the Cambridges are waiting for William to be crowned as King before they start working. Mo added:

“I think its because Wills and Kate’s nose has been put out of joint as Harry and Meghan are so much more popular than the other 2. [William and Kate] shy from work and always tend to look grumpy.”

Rosine said that Meghan Markle had worked her entire life while “lazy Kate Middleton spent her life following William with zero work ethic”. She added Kate spends taxpayers’ money on clothes without working or being able to “construct a sentence.”

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