Thu. Jul 16th, 2020

The best five spots to hand out leaflets in London

For a city with a population of well over 8 million people, the opportunity to hand out leaflets on the streets of London is not to be missed.

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Whether it’s for an upcoming sale for an online store, a brand new shop opening in Shoreditch, a gig you’re playing on the weekend, or simply to advertise your own creative skills as a freelancer, people choose to hand out leaflets for many different reasons.

Getting these advertising materials ready is often the easy part, as this kind of thing is simple enough online with the likes of print24’s leaflet printing options; the hard part, however, is knowing where the best spots are in a hectic, enormous, and diverse city such as London. Luckily, we know the coolest parts where someone would have an easy time to hand out a bunch of leaflets in record time. Avoid places like stressful airports and train stations, and instead, check out these locations.

Trafalgar Square

It’s hard to find a better spot to pick than Trafalgar Square if it’s tourists you’re after. This large, beautiful public square is brimming with life and attractions which keep people visiting all year round. In addition to the fountains and lion sculptures, you’ve got Nelson’s Column in the middle and of course the National Gallery right next door. As people often sit and gaze here for a while, it’s a great area to pick out those who might be interested in your flyer.

Camden Town

Featuring one of the busiest and most eclectic markets in England, Camden Town is visited by people of all walks of life, from punks and hipsters to local families out shopping for the day. As this is a central meeting spot for live music, clubs, and bars, you’ll always be able to find someone during the night or day.

Shoreditch High Street

If you want to advertise a gig or DJ show, then it’s fair to say that there’s no better place than Shoreditch High Street. Cool, distinct, and featuring some of London’s best venues for live music, as well as trendy restaurants and bars, this is an area where people are never in a rush. It’s also close enough to Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market, if you wanted to try somewhere new to hand out your flyers.

Oxford Street

Should you want to promote the opening of a new store by handing out flyers on Oxford Street, then you might have a bit of competition! Pretty much every major brand in the world has a store on Oxford Street, including Adidas, Debenhams, Dr Martens, Dyson, Forever 21, Fossil, Gap, H&M, Holland & Barrett, Longines, Nike, Zara, and so much more. Oxford Street is definitely one of the more wealthier parts of London, so leaflets for a bargain basement sale at a thrift shop might not be reaching the right crowd.

Speakers’ Corner

Finally, Speakers’ Corner is a busy spot located in Hyde Park which is famous public speaking, debates, and open discussions. Many charities and organizations have delivered speeches here, and it is a popular spot for talking about major issues regarding London, England, and the entire world. If your leaflets are promoting an upcoming demonstration or political event, then this would be the perfect spot to complete your task.

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