Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

SVR is Jaguar’s supercharged V8 SUV

SVR brings a much bigger engine option to local Jaguar customers.

svr is jaguars supercharged v8 suv 1024x853 - SVR is Jaguar’s supercharged V8 SUV

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Jaguar’s fastest ever SUV is now officially
on sale in South Africa and it is sure to alter perceptions of the brand’s
all-wheel drive vehicles.

For decades Jaguar sourced success from building uniquely British limousines and luxury two-door grand touring cars, but now most of the company’s business revenue comes from SUVs.

The transition from a pure sportscar brand, to one which also markets SUVs, has been a radical departure for Jaguar and although traditionalists were initially uneasy with its change in product strategy, this latest F-Pace should assuage all their doubts.

The vehicle in question is Jaguar’s F-Pace
SVR and it prices at R1 499 400. Positioned as a rival to the Porsche
Macan, F-Pace faces very credible competition, but Jaguar is confident of this SVR
version claiming its share of the South African premium SUV market.

SVR is the first F-Pace to feature a V8
engine and at 5-litres of capacity, it is much bigger then the previously
largest engine on offer, a 3-litre V6. Supercharging boosts performance, with the
V8 producing 405kW and 680Nm. Those engine output numbers are impressive and
although the F-Pace SVR isn’t a light vehicle, weighing 2070kg, it is very

Top speed rates at 283kph and in benchmark
acceleration tests, it run 0-100kph in 4.3 seconds. Balancing the SVR’s
storming performance are larger brakes than any other F-Pace and a suspension
set-up which is stiffer, to resist body roll during high-speed cornering or
emergency braking.

Equipped with Jaguar’s adaptive dynamics
system and torque vectoring, which uses brake interventions to help SVR turn-in
and tuck through curves with more agility, this V8-powered F-Pace tries its
best to remain true to Jaguar’s performance car heritage.

Signalling its performance potential to
rivals and other road users are several SVR-specific styling details. The wheel
arches are larger and flared, to accommodate 22-inch alloy rims, and there is a
reshaped front bumper section, which is more aerodynamic than also helps feed a
greater volume of cooling air to that large capacity V8 engine. Cooling is a
priority, and as such, the bonnet also features additional air-intakes.

Viewed from the rear, SVR is distinguished
by quad-tailpipes, a typical feature of V8-engined performance vehicle, which measure
84mm in diameter – and ensure a characteristic Jaguar growl during peak

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