Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

Specialized ANGi cycling helmet calls for help when you can’t

Ride longer, alone, with the knowledge that technology has your back in an emergency.

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South Africa has a nearly unrivalled treasure trove of cycling roads as well as fair riding weather.

Crowded indoor exercising activity will take a long time to return to part of a normalised routine which has led to a surge in cycling.

With its low joint impact and ability to allow for true escapism, cycling is just the tonic that most South Africans need as they attempt to depressurise in a healthy way.

For those riders who prefer to do the occasional solo weekend ride for the benefits of mindfulness, safety is always a concern. For family and friends, the concern about a 100km solo rider, is about what would happen if they have an accident and are rendered unable to signal for help.

Technology is at the ready to provide assistance without crowding your ride with a chaperoned group of fellow cyclists. Specialized is one of the world’s leading cycling brands and has been a pioneer of adapting digital system to improve the riding experience.

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From its own wind tunnel, to allow meticulous frame shaping and battery-assisted e-bikes, Specialized is not a technology laggard. Its most important innovation in the realm of digital cycling safety, is ANGi (Angular and G-Force Indicator).

Available on a range of Specialized helmets, these ANGI sensor modules call for help when you can’t. At its core, the ANGi analyses unusual acceleration and angular forces, the like of which would indicate that you have crashed.

It is paired with an app, via your Smartphone, and if you remain unresponsive beyond the response threshold, ANGi will alert your emergency contacts via text or email. Not only does it signal that you are down, but it also sends your last uploaded GPS position, to assist a rescue or emergency response team hurrying to the crash site.

Riders can select the intervention countdown threshold, at between 15 and 90 seconds, choosing either very rapid triggering of the function or giving you a minute and half to compose yourself and cancel the emergency push messaging.

To use ANGi you need the crash sensor (R970) and an adaptor (R130) which helps it to mount to the back of your helmet. Once riders have downloaded the Specialized Ride app on their Smartphone, it can be configured. Specialized also offers a selection of helmets, with the hardware already installed.

If you love the mindfulness of a big weekend ride all alone, but don’t want to burden your family and friends with worry, Specialized’s ANGi technology is a great enabler to be a safer solo cyclist – without being selfish.

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