South Africa’s number 1 luxury rehab facility

The centre is nestled in an ancient garden on the outskirts of the town of White River, the gateway to the Kruger National Park.

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White River Manor is an executive rehab center in South Africa that offers the chance to
get away from it all and find affordable treatment for addiction.

White River Manor offers a comprehensive treatment programme tailored to meet the individual needs of clients seeking peace and quiet in one of the world’s most beautiful places on earth.

Regarded as one of the best drug addiction treatment centres in South Africa, they provede five-star accommodation and world-class treatment in a tranquil setting with the aim of offering clients a life-changing experience.

White River Manor was founded by Jerry Hartless, Giles Fourie and Jeanine Fourie, who bought the twenty one-hectare lodge to create a facility that offered better care than Hartless had experienced in the United States. When it opened in 2015, the result was a top-class centre that offers luxury accommodation and personalised service at a fraction of the cost of international rehab facilities.

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At its helm are the
Fouries, who have more than 25 years’ experience between them working at a
long-stay addiction treatment centre in South Africa. The centre also has a
dynamic team of professionals consisting of clinical and counselling
psychologists, psychiatrists, cognitive behavioural therapy specialists,
eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapists, music and art
therapists, addiction and behavioural specialist, 12 step counsellors as well
as a pastor and spiritual counsellor.

Individual and group
therapy sessions use an advanced addiction treatment approach along with
holistic therapeutic activities to restore balance and help clients make a
smooth transition to a new life; the whole team at White River Manor works
together on a client’s recovery plan, with a highly personalised approach to
individual and group therapy.

Fitness and exercise are
seen as essential components of the recovery process and clients are encouraged
to participate in activities designed to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Those
at the centre have the freedom and flexibility to stay connected to both their
businesses and loved ones; mobile phones and laptops are allowed and there is a
business hub on the property with free wi-fi and a video conferencing facility.

Advocates of destination
rehab say that, along with being a more affordable option, it offers an
opportunity to put some distance between the person and their business or home
situation and embrace new places, new cultures and new experiences.

At White River Manor there
is an emphasis on adventurous activities which can have a powerful impact on a
client’s recovery by building a renewed sense of self-worth. Experiences
include a full-day safari tour of the Kruger National Park and a morning spent
interacting with the gentle giants at Elephant Whispers, or hiking or mountain
biking through scenic mountain and forest areas, ziplining across the expansive
Graskop Gorge, canoeing on the wild Sabie River or quietly contemplating life
while fishing on the stunning Komati River.

The minimum stay at White River Manor is 28 days but clients may stay for as long as they need for their recovery journey.

Visit their website for more information or, for a more affordable option at sister facility the White River drug and Alcohol Recovery Centre.

The post South Africa’s number 1 luxury rehab facility appeared first on The South African.

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