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Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer accuses BBC of dishonesty

Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, presented evidence that allegedly “casts new light on the tactics” used by Martin Bashir in the explosive 1995 interview.

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The BBC vowed to investigate the methods used by Martin Bashir to secure the famous 1995-interview with the late Princess Diana. This after her brother, Earl Spencer, supplied a “dossier” of evidence.

The Daily Mail’s royal reporter, Rebecca English, described the news as “another agenda-setting inclusive, and summed it succinctly:

“Earl Spencer rejects the BBC’s offer to investigate his claims that Martin Bashir faked multiple documents to entice his sister, Princess Diana, into agreeing to that historic Panorama interview. He wants a public enquiry”.

Diana’s 1995 BBC interview

Bashir became a household name after his explosive interview with Diana aired some 25 years ago. It was the same interview during which Diana famously said there were “three of us in this marriage”.

As reported by Deadline, Bashir’s methods were investigated by BBC a year after the interview aired. However, Bashir was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Now, more than two decades later, Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, presented new evidence that allegedly “casts new light the tactics used by Bashir.

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Front pages of the London newspaper on 15 November 1995 shows how Britain’s Princess Diana of Wales has opened up a controversy surrounding her decision to give a TV interview on the BBC without informing the Queen. Photo: AFP/JOHNNY EGGITT

Earl Spencer’s letter

Spencer sent a letter to director general Tim Davie, stating that Bashir used forged bank statements and false rumours about Prince Charles’ alleged affairs to persuade Diana to do the interview.

The letter, as seen by Daily Mail, mentions that Spencer is now “formally asking for the BBC to open an enquiry into this matter”. Spencer added:

“I hope – among many other questions that need addressing – that it will get to the bottom of key, interconnected questions”.

BBC to re-open investigation

A spokesperson for BBC said the British Broadcasting Corporation apologies and “are happy to repeat that apology.” The spokesperson added that despite this being “a quarter of a century ago, [BBC] absolutely will investigate”.

She added that BBC asked Spencer to share additional information, but added that the they “unable to discuss any of this with Martin Bashir, as he is seriously unwell”.

“When he is well, we will of course hold an investigation into these new issues”.

‘Web of deceit’

As reported by Daily Mail, Spencer accused Bashir of “peddling vile and slanderous claims about senior royals as part of a ‘web of deceit’. Spencer said he had not faith in the BBC’s ability to investigate fairly.

The earl reportedly told the outlet that he declined “the DG’s [director general Tim Davie] offer of an internal BBC investigation, given how deeply concerning the 1996 one was to me”.

“I have told him I am going to seek an independent inquiry”.

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