Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Opel Combo 4×4 is the ultimate all-terrain minivan

Opel announces new 4×4 that is more useful than any crossover.

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Opel has partnered with a French engineering consultancy to make all-terrain VanLife that bit more attainable for everyone.

Although the German value brand is best
known for its compact hatchbacks and crossovers, the Combo van is a reliable
and capable light utility vehicle, reintroduced to the South African market in
April. Now Opel has added upgraded all-terrain capability to its minivan, for those
who are required to make deliveries or journeys to destinations that are way
off the conventional map routing.

Dangel is a French company which
specialises in provided all-wheel drive systems for compact vehicles. Since the
1980s it has partnered with Peugeot and Citroen and since those two brands now
also own Opel, the natural progression has been for Dangel to become involved
with the development of an all-wheel drive Combo.

This new Combo 4×4 features a 20mm ride
height increase, modified suspension better suited to rough terrain travel and
recalibrated steering. Protection plates have also been added underbody, to
ensure that the engine, gearbox and drivetrain’s most vulnerable contact points
don’t get snagged or damaged when exploring off-road terrain.

The Combo 4×4 uses a viscous
centre-differential to trigger its all-wheel drive system when required, but
there is a pseudo-locking rear-differential to boost traction in sand and mud.
For customers who required even more off-road ability there’s an 80mm lift-kit,
which raises ground clearance to a Toyota Fortuner rivalling 240mm, and an
optional limited-slip differential.

Powering the Combo 4×4 is Opel’s most
potent compact van engine, a 1.5-litre turbodiesel boosting 96kW and 300Nm. European
customers are the launch target market for this Combo 4×4, which adds R80 000
to the price of a conventional Combo, but for those seeking an all-terrain
compact van, it would appear the consummate solution.

Expect to see some Combo 4x4s in a your Vanlife
Instagram feed soon.

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