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London restaurateur selects top SA wines

It was a tricky decision for the Vivat Bacchus team.

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When Vivat Bacchus co-owner Gerrie was asked to choose two spectacular South African wineries and a wine from each it was a tricky decision because there are a lot to choose from. However, here are his picks and the reasons behind them.

Meerlust Wine Estate

Gerrie says, “This winery really put South Africa on the world wine map in the 1980s with the release of their magnificent Bordeaux-style blend Meerlust Rubicon.”

Their wines have been in the VB cellars since the doors first opened in 2003 and it’s not hard to see why when you taste them, as Meerlust produces consistently high-quality wines year on year.

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And with so many amazing Rubicon vintages over the years, the team at Vivat Bacchus decided it was time to showcase the best of these at a fine wine tasting in June. After delving in the corners of the cellars the line up is quite something: five vintages going back to the magnificent 1995, plus ’05, ’07, ’09 and the already famous 2015.


The next choice was Kanonkop, a winery steeped in history, with a great little story about the origin of its name. Kanonkop was derived from kopje, meaning hillock, from which a cannon was fired in the 17th Century to alert farmers that trade ships had entered Table Bay. But back to the wines, the winery is a fourth generation family-owned estate which is now in the hands of brothers Paul and Johan Krige.

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They concentrate on wines they do best, namely red wines, so for a second fine wine tasting in July Vivat Bacchus has brought out the big guns (get it!) with five vintages of Kanonkop Paul Sauer, a Cabernet Sauvignon-based Bordeaux style blend, starting with the fabulously aged 1992, and working through ’95, ’97 & ’98, ending with the stunning 2009.

Wine tasting at Vivat Bacchus:

To find out more and to book for the Meerlust Rubicon or Kanonkop Paul Sauer Fine Wine Tastings at Vivat Bacchus, follow the links here:

Monday 17th June £40pp  Meerlust Rubicon Mon 17th June

Monday 8th July £40pp  Kanonkop Paul Sauer Mon 8th July

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