Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Leatt is a local bike gear brand with deep global reach

Cape based Leatt is trading strongly as more riders realise the importance of crucial safety gear.

leatt is a local bike gear brand with deep global reach 1024x683 - Leatt is a local bike gear brand with deep global reach

Leatt is a South African company which has
made global inroads within the crowded motorcycle and mountain bike accessories

Although based in Cape Town, close to the
famous Tygerberg mountain bike trail network, Leatt is a truly global company.

It specializes in protecting rides, with an
array of injury prevention and protection gear.

The breakthrough product for Leatt, was its
revolutionary neck brace, designed by company founder, Dr Chris Leatt. Himself
a keen motocross rider, Dr Leatt recognised that simple injuries could become
lethal, due to absence of a proper neck brace that worked ergonomically with
riding helmets.

Popular with motorcycle racers and downhill
mountain bikes, the Leatt brace established a global reputation for the brand,
which has now been expanded with a range of other protectives.

Year on year Leatt has seen a 10% surge revenue, with most of that transactional momentum driven by its new Z Frame knee braces and Velocity 6.5 riding goggles. These two motocross products registered sales increases of 69- and 88% respectively.

fe12bb2d leattdbx - Leatt is a local bike gear brand with deep global reach

Protecting riders with proper research

Leatt operates its own independent medical
testing laboratory, which enables it to develop and certify products. The
mountain bike protective line features products such as the lightweight knee
pads which offer both excellent impact energy dissipation and rider comfort.

The demand for convertible helmet, which has a detachable chinguard, has seen the company also develop and market its own Enduro helmet, the DBX 3.0.

Year on year financial performance, measured by its second quarter sales, was up from R74m to R82m. Revenues for the first half of this year were impressive too, increasing 10% over 2018 and totalling R175m.

For a proudly South African company, which
innovates in a very competitive market and has achieved successful global sales
distribution, Leatt proves that local motorcycle and mountain biking gear can
be some of the best available.

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