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Keanu Reeves goes ‘Berzerker’ in his very own comic book

The movie star now officially has his own comic book, titled ‘BRZRKR’, due for release in October 2020.

keanu reeves goes berzerker in his very own comic book 1024x768 - Keanu Reeves goes ‘Berzerker’ in his very own comic book

Keanu Reeves has jumped from the big screen to the panels of comic books. He is involved in BRZRKR, a comic that tells the story of a violent brute. 

The movie star now officially has his own comic book, titled BRZRKR. It has been created in partnership with artist Matt Kindt who has worked on many Dark Horse comics, as well as the Italian illustrator Alessandro Vitti. The comic will be published by Boom! Studios. 

Reeves is an actor whom has appeared in many blockbuster hits, including Speed, John Wick The Matrix trilogy where he plays the iconic computer hacker Neo. 

a69e73ea keanu reeves - Keanu Reeves goes ‘Berzerker’ in his very own comic book
The evolution of Keanu Reeves: From ‘Speed’ (left), to ‘The Matrix’ trilogy and ‘John Wick’.

‘Brutally violent’ antihero

According to Boom! Studios, BRZRKR is a 12-issue comic that is “brutally violent”. It will star a half-mortal, half-God named Berzerker who is cursed with a compulsion towards violence. He finds himself working for the US government as he tries to unlock the secrets of his violent nature. 

Art released by Boom! Studios depicts Berzerker as a brooding antihero who is not afraid to drive his fists through someone’s face. The revealed scenes feature heavy violence and lots of aestheticized gore. 

Kindt describes the comic as a “tale of an immortal warrior laced with history, conspiracies, spirituality, and a gigantic helping of bonkers action and violence — all with intense purpose and ultimately a heart-breaking discovery”. 

‘BRZRKER’ a dream come true

Speaking about BRZRKER, Reeves said that making the comic was a dream come true.

“I have loved comics since I was a young kid and they have been a significant influence on me artistically”. 

Vitti has also discussed BRZRKR and claims that he was ecstatic to learn that he would be working with Reeves and Kindt. He said: “the series has everything I love to draw, and I can’t wait for it to hit stores so we can share it with all of you”.

Fans will have to wait until October

The first edition of BRZRKR, set to release in October, will feature cover art by Rafael Grampá of Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, and alternative cover art by Vitti and artist Mark Brooks. 

According to USA TODAY, Netflix has a deal with Boom! to bring BRZRKR to the silver screen. Hopefully, it will have Keanu Reeves taking on the role of Berzerker. 

Also look out for…

For fans of comics, BRZRKR is yet another exciting release to enjoy in 2020.

Other interesting titles to look out for include Horizon Zero Dawn, a comic book adaptation of the PS4 video game of the same name. It will continue the story of Aloy as she explores a post-apocalyptic world overrun by deadly robot dinosaurs.  

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