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Game of Thrones season 8 finale has to answer these 6 questions

game of thrones season 8 finaleThe Game of Thrones season 8 finale is almost here and we still have so many questions.

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I’m worried, folks. There are only 79 minutes left of the most popular show currently on television. Earlier this month, we looked at the six burning questions that Game of Thrones season 8 finale still had to address.

The show did address three questions from our list: Will Daenerys go full Mad Queen? Will we get Cleganebowl? Is Euron cocky enough to betray Cersie? But that only opened up the door to more speculation.

It goes without saying that this article will contain spoilers of previous episodes. If you are not caught up with the show, go do that first. Don’t try to be a hero.

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Game of Thrones season 8 finale – Pressing questions

What will Jon Snow do now, after Dany’s massacre?

Now that Daenerys finally went full Mad Queen and burned King’s Landing to the ground, what will Jon do? Up till now, he defiantly told everyone that he stands by his queen. But can he look past this?

Daenerys flew Drogon over King’s Landing and killed innocent women and children, and soldiers who had surrendered. Daenerys also uses Drogon to kill her enemies.

What she is doing now goes against everything Jon stands for. Including that lesson he learned from Ned: If a ruler sentences a man to death, he has to swing the sword himself.

We know that Jon doesn’t want the Iron Throne, despite being the rightful heir. He’s made that clear from the start. But would he allow Daenerys to take it, now that her true colours have been revealed?

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What is in store for Arya (and her white horse)?

Arya survived a great deal during the last episode, no thanks to Daenerys and Drogon. She saw good people massacred, escape from dragon fire by a whisker and sustained a few injuries along the way.

Episode 5 ended with Arya seeing a white horse standing amid the ruins, looking eerily out of place despite being covered in blood too. We got a Revelations type of vibe from that scene.

It’s not lost on us that Arya is now riding a pale horse. Read into that what you will. Some feel that Arya is on her way to deal with Daenerys. The prophecy did after all say she’ll shut green eyes forever.

We thought that meant Cersei, but we were so wrong about so many things in the past. It would be very disappointing if we don’t see Arya changing her face one more time as well. She didn’t train in Braavos for nothing.

Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Cersei was the last person to sit on the Iron Throne. We don’t want to say outright that she is dead, but she appears to be very dead, buried under a ton of rocks with Jaime when the Red Keep collapses.

Daenerys has been meaning to take the Iron Throne back since she convinced Khal Drogo to take it back for her. Daenerys has claim to it but doesn’t deserve it.

Jon has claim to the throne and would be a terrific ruled, but doesn’t want it. The most popular fan theories right now, puts either Jon, Arya, Sansa, Bran or Tyrion on the throne.

A popular book theory – and we’re not sure it can be adapted to the TV show – is that Samwell Tarly is a Targaryen by birth. He is supposedly the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, when he was still married to Elia Martell.

Rumour has it that Varys smuggled the baby Samwell out of King’s Landing, like he did with Dany and her brother, but sent him to the Tarly’s instead. That would make him Jon’s older half brother.

Honestly, Sam on the throne won’t be the worst. However, as it stands, I won’t be surprised if the Throne is destroyed and no one gets a claim to it.

What is Sansa’s game plan?

Sansa is not a naive little bird anymore. She had endured plenty since going with her father to King’s Landing back in season one, and she learned a few lessons along the way.

Petyr Baelish, all his perversions aside, taught her how to rule and how to be good at it. She doesn’t trust Dany, and learning of the massacre in King’s Landing will leave her even less psyched about seeing the Dragon Queen on the throne.

Since season one, I’ve said Sansa is destined for great things. I saw the potential back when she was still a naive little girl. Nobody believed me. Everybody hated Sansa. We’ll see now.

Will Bronn ever get his castle?

Poor Bronn, he’s been after a castle since he met Tyrion in season one. Over time, practically every Lannister promised Bronn he’d get a castle. In season eight, Cersei promised him more riches than he could count if he kills Jaime and Tyrion.

But he didn’t kill them, and Tyrion promised him Highgarden after Cersei was defeated. Well, that’s come to pass.

If you need a refresher, Highgarden belonged to House Tyrell, the richest house in Westeros. They are all dead now, after Cersei killed Lord Mace, Queen Margaery and Loras. Jaime killed Mace’s mother, Lady Olenna, back in season 7.

Look, Tyrion helped Jaime escaped and Dany hasn’t been all that impressed with him during season eight. Tyrion might find himself in a big pot of hot water once Dany gets off that dragon. But come on, man, just give Bronn the keys so long.

What’s up with Bran?

Oh sorry. He’s not Bran anymore, he’s the three-eyed raven now. And he doesn’t much, apart from sitting in his chair, looking creepy. We know he can warg, we know he can see that future, but what does he actually do?

Cast your mind back to episode three, when the Night King and his army made their way to Winterfell. Bran ‘disappeared’ for a good long time.

It appeared as though he warged into some birds to see what the Night King was up to, but a few fan theories suggest he’s been up to something bigger the entire time.

But hey, even he doesn’t play a big part in the season finale, it would be nice if the showrunners could clear up a few rumours. Will he be the next Night King? What exactly is his connection to the Children of the Forest and Bran the Builder?

More questions to ponder ahead of the season 8 finale:

  • Will they ever fix the Wall?
  • What’s going to happen to the Unsullied now?
  • Where are the direwolves? The only two left are Ghost and Nymeria.
  • Will we see Nymeria in the season 8 finale?
  • What will happen to Tyrion?

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