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Game of Thrones recap: Season 4 – Lannisters have regrets

game of thrones season four aryaA recap of season four before the return of season eight of Game of Thrones. Let’s talk about the Lannisters, the remaining Starks, and dragons.

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The final season of Game of Thrones hits our screens on April 15. Until then, we’re working through the seasons one episode at a time. Catch up with all seven seasons before the eighth one arrives.

If you’re joining us now, catch up with the previous season here:

What you need to know about season four is that many people die. Petyr Baelish – aka Littlefinger – once said:

“People die at their dinner tables. People die in their beds, they die squatting over their chamber pots.”

Those words proved to be true. Tyrion killed Shae in bed, Tywin was murdered while sitting on the toilet and the Baratheon King dies at his wedding feast.

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By season four, we have our favourite characters and our least favourites. We’ve been burned by the series creators killing off main characters and we trust no one.

During season three, we’ve watched Margaery and Joffrey’s relationship grow. Sansa and Tyrion were forced into marriage and the Starks were pretty much wiped from the map at the Red Wedding.

We don’t hate Jaime Lannister to much anymore, since he lost his hand and went back to save Brienne. Arya is turning into quite the little fighter and Ramsay Bolton is breaking Theon.

Stannis is becoming more powerful, eliminating his enemies with magic while Daenerys now has 8 000 unsullied, the Sell Swords and three dragons. Fun times.

King’s Landing

The biggest moment in the Lannisters-Tyrell arch has to be during episode 2, The Lion and the Rose. It’s Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding and the King of Douches gets to eat humble pie when he’s poisoned at his own wedding.

Watch: Joffrey dies at his wedding

Never did so many Game of Thrones fans rejoice at the death of a character. Never. Sansa is whisked off to the Vale by Littlefinger and Tyrion is thrown in the dungeon on suspicion of Joffrey’s death.

Later in the season, Tyrion is on trial and practically everyone on the show ever testifies against him, including his beloved Shae, who the thought was safely in Essos by now.

He is found guilty and demands trial by combat. His champion is Oberyn Martell. Oberyn hates the Lannisters for the death of his sister. Cersei’s champion is the Mountain.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Oberyn will win. But he gets arrogant and sloppy, loses his footing and the Mountain crushes his skull. Literally. Jaime releases Tyrion, who, on his way out of the city, stops by his father’s chamber.

Watch: Oberyn fighting the Mountain (graphic warning)

He finds Shae in Tywin’s bed, and kills her before putting crossbow bolts in Tywin. We have to add that Tywin was sitting on the loo when this happens. Varys helps Tyrion escapes to the east.

Watch: Tyrion killing Tywin

In the midlands

During Sansa’s time in the Vale, she realises that her aunt is actually a heartless and jealous woman. Poor Lysa meets her end when Littlefinger confesses that he always loved Catelyn, followed by a quick shove and out goes aunty Lysa through the moon door.

Watch: Littlefinger, Lysa and the moon door

Elsewhere, Arya and the Hound is making their way to the Vale. The Hound still thinks he’ll sell Arya to her aunt Lysa, and Arya still reciting her kill list every name, with the Hound’s name on it.

They have a weird relationship, these two. She hates him but they end up caring about each other eventually. When they bump into Brienne, the latter is determined to free Arya from the Hound and fulfil her promise to the late Catelyn Stark.

Watch: Arya and the Hound

Arya wants none of this and the Hound and Brienne battle it out. Arya leaves the Hound for dead and heads to the wall to be with Jon but can’t find a ship going that way.

Instead, she finds a Bravosi sailor, gives him the iron coin and says the magic words – valar morghulis. The dude replies with “valar dohaeris” and gives her passage on his ship to Braavos.

Watch: Arya, the iron coin, and Braavos

In the North

Roose Bolton returns to Winterfell after the Red Wedding. He finds that Ramsay had been torturing Theon Greyjoy and turned him into a helpless creature named Reek.

In season three, Yara sets out to save her brother. But when she finds him at the dog kennels at Winterfell, he refuses to go with her. Theon is loyal to Ramsay, even that loyalty is out of fear.

Watch: Yara tries to save Theon

Beyond the Wall

The three-eyed Raven

After a long trek, which involved being held hostage by the mutineers at Craster’s Keep, Bran, Hodor, Meera and Jojen finally make it to the great weirwood tree and the three-eyed raven.

They are almost killed by wight skeletons (a reanimated corpse) but are saved by the Children of the Forest. The group is escorted into a cave under the weirwood tree. The Raven, a wise old man who can see all, teaches Bran more about his destiny.

Watch: The Children of the Forest saves Bran

The Battle at the Wall

The Wildings finally attack the wall, from both sides sommer. Jon Snow leads the command when the dude in charge runs off and hides. The wilding army includes the cannibalistic Thenns, as well as mammoths and giants.

Ygritte takes an arrow to the heart. She’s shot by Ollie, the kid whose parents were killed when the Wildings and the Thenns attacked a northern village. She dies in Jon Snow’s arms, saying the line that made her famous: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Watch: Ygritte’s final moments

The battle takes a turn when Stannis shows up with his army and Mance, the Wildling King, surrenders.

Across the Narrow Sea

Danaerys has enough ships but decides to stay in Slaver’s Bay and rule. While we were all hoping for her to head back and claim the throne, she needed to stay behind and learn how to be a Queen.

Unfortunately, her dragons level up. At first, they eat and burn goats and sheep. Daenerys handsomely pays the shepherds more than the livestock was worth.

But when Drogon kills a child and vanishes off on his own mission, Dany is forced to chain Viserion and Rheagal and lock them in the dungeons beneath the city.

Watch: Daenerys forced to lock up her dragons

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