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Game of Thrones crypt: Those whose Watch has ended [season 8]

game of thrones season 8 deathsA quick recap of the most notable deaths from Game of Thrones season 8.

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So, Game of Thrones season 8 has come and gone and we will never be same. The last season sparked a ton of controversy online, even a petition with more than 1 million signatures for the season to be redone.

I, for one, loved season eight. It’s not what I expected and possibly not even what I wanted. But to paraphrase Bran, all the remaining characters are exactly where they need to be.

If anything, I’m upset about all the loose ends that were never tied up, but perhaps those issues will be addressed in spin-off shows. We live in hope.

Season 8

Ah, up to date we are. While the showrunners warned us that plenty main characters would die during the Battle of Winterfell, there are a handful of fans of still believe they were being kind to us.

Most of my favourites made it. Personally, I think Missandei’s death was one of the most shocking. She and Grey Worm still had plans to return to Naath one day when all the wars were over.

The total number of deaths on Game of Thrones are staggering. From main characters – RIP Ned and practically everybody else – to characters whom you’d miss if you blink.

Not to mention the thousands upon thousands of extras used for the major battles. The thousands of unnamed wildlings, wights and soldiers. We’ve compiled a list of the most notable character deaths from seasons 1 to 7 as well.

Notable deaths:

Notable season 8 deaths

Eddison Tollett A brother of the Night’s Watch Stabbed in the back by a Wight during the Battle of Winterfell
Lady Lyanna Mormont Lady of Bear Island Mortally wounded by a club while killing a giant
Beric Dondarrion Brotherhood without Banners Stabbed by numerous Wights, gave his life so Arya could escape
The Night King King of the undead Stabbed in the chest by Arya at the Battle of Winterfell
Ser Jorah Mormont Dany’s best friend, Jeor Mormont’s son Stabbed multiple times by the Wights while protecting Dany.
Melisandre Red Priestess Died of old age after the Battle of Winterfell
Rhaegel Dany’s dragon Shot in the neck by Euron Greyjoy using the Scorpion, a giant crossbow.
Missandei Dany’s best friend Beheaded by the Mountain on Cersei’s orders
Lord Varys Master of Whispers, Dany’s advisor Burned alive by Drogon on Daenerys’ orders for treason
Euron Greyjoy King of the Iron Islands Stabbed by Jaime Lannister
Qyburn ‘Maester’ at the Red keep Killed by the Mountain
Sandor Glegane The Hound Sacrificed himself to kill The Mountain
Gregor Clegane The Mountain Tackled by The Hound into a pit of fire
Jaime Lannister The Kingslayer Buried under rubble at the Red Keep while trying to escape with Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannistr The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Buried under rubble at the Red Keep while trying to escape with Jaime Lannister
Daenerys Targaryen The Mother of Dragons Killed by Jon Snow

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