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Fokofpolisiekar gears up for #supersick17th livestream birthday bash

Famed Afrikaans rock legends Fokofpolisiekar marks their 17th birthday with a livestream show celebrating their journey on Saturday 11 July.

fokofpolisiekar gears up for supersick17th livestream birthday bash 1024x576 - Fokofpolisiekar gears up for #supersick17th livestream birthday bash

The setlist, which was released earlier this week on their social media platforms, will include a career spanning performance from 2003 to 2020. 

028b56c7 fokofpolisiekar 1 - Fokofpolisiekar gears up for #supersick17th livestream birthday bash
Blast from the past: A Fokofpolisiekar publicity photo from when the boys entered the rock scene with a bang.

Their 16thbirthday was celebrated with a show at Loftus, Pretoria, with 4 000 attendees. A career highlight for the group. But during the pandemic, their 17th birthday celebrations were cut down to a livestream show. Albeit one to remember, according to the band members.  

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‘No better time than now’ for fans across the globe

“It has been a shock to the system, and we had to quickly come up with new ideas to keep the pot cooking. People across the globe have been asking us to consider a livestream show and there is no better time than now and no better reason than the band turning 17 years old,’’ said Wynand Myburgh, according to BizCommunity. 

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Sweet sixteen: Fokofpolisiekar celebrated their 16th birthday at Loftus Versfeld in 2019. Image: Henry Engelbrecht

The group took to social media, celebrating with fans. Comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout also joined in on the fun, even posting a video of himself singing to one of the group’s most famous hits, Ek Skyn (Heilig).

Schalk Bezuidenhout tunes in…

“We are busy working on new tracks and we might even throw a new one into the set,” said Johnny de Ridder. 

Jaco “Snakehead” Venter added: “This is the one Fokof show that you do not want to miss. If you have never seen us live, not seen us play in years, are a regular at our shows and miss it, or are living outside South Africa, make sure to livestream this show.

“Tune in from wherever and celebrate with us.” 

Jaco ‘Snakehead’ Venter live on Facebook:

Fokofpolisiekar has been very busy the days leading up to the live show, releasing a new song — Min Worries — with Die Heuwels Fantasties on 9 June, and Jan Blohm earlier last week. 

What to expect from the #supersick17th livestream:

  • A two-hour Fokof show like never before;
  • Fokof songs that you have not heard in years;
  • Like-minded people watching together from all over the world;
  • Live Zoom rooms to interact with other viewers and the band members;
  • Interacting with the band members via social media;
  • Commenting and interacting with each other on the livestream page chatbox;
  • Loads of ice cold Jägermeister and Fokof Lager being consumed – responsibly
  • A party spirit like no other…The band will pull all the stops to make sure this event is super special.

How will this work?

  • On the day of the show, the ticket holder will receive an e-mail with the unique event link. With this link you will be able to access the livestream by entering the email address used when the ticket was purchased and your order number.
  • Please note that if you order Fokof Lager after 1 July 2020 you might not get it in time for the livestream show.
  • You will be able to watch the livestream on your Smart TV by using the browser on the TV.
  • If you have any device (Apple TV, Google Chromecast, etc) that can “airplay” or “screen mirror”, you will be able to play it from your phone to the device.
  • Another option is to connect your laptop to your TV via a HDMI cable.
  • Alternatively you can enjoy watching the show on your smartphone or tablet in your hand or the laptop on your lap, with easy access to the video player’s chat box.

Get your ticket to the #supersick17th show here.

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