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Five ways art can impact lives

Do you believe art can change your life?

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We sat down with Thea van Schalkwyk, an
international art consultant from South Africa, to find out how investing in
art can change your life.

“Actually, there are far more than five ways art can impact lives – and I mean everyone’s life, not just discerning art followers or enthusiasts,” she reveals.

Art activities (for all ages)

People who engage in art classes as a hobby find it entertaining, stimulating and relaxing. From children to senior citizens, creating art has been shown to add joy and value to people’s lives.

Thea says, “I’m very excited about art-centred educational products and programmes I have developed. These have been designed for a variety of target groups.”

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Art used for healing

Mental health and well-being are as important as physical well-being. Art therapy and storytelling can help unlock psychological doors that may not have been opened otherwise.

Thea believes, “Visual stories are instrumental in facilitating healing.”

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Art as a crucial tool

Refugees, for example, often produce art
that helps them to work through the issue of feeling displaced or unattached to
their surroundings or traumatized by their experiences. Thea believes that
visual storytelling has become a crucial tool that can be used where verbal
language fails.

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Art as a lucrative career

Art has grown into a major high school gateway subject, like science and mathematics always have been.  Thea’s e-book for high school art learners offers ‘real’ visual arts-related career outcomes.

“Beneficial skill and entrepreneurial development opportunities and solutions are vital in the creative workplace, also for the disabled,” she underlines. “Art has opened doors for many global influencers,” she adds.

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Thea’s book

Investing in art

Art continues to be a sound financial investment, despite global economic uncertainty.  Apart from the monetary value of artworks, most art pieces will hold meaningful and sentimental attachment. For expats, culturally thematic art remains a treasured reminder of ‘home’. 

Thea says, “I often have discussions with my clients about the amazing visual conversations they have with the art in their collections. I love sourcing artworks for them that create a timeless bond across borders and continents.” 

She adds, “Many South Africans are emigrating and they need to move with their art or sell it to help fund their move or their new life elsewhere.”

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Who is Thea van Schalkwyk?

Thea is an international SA art consultant, project manager, valuer, educator, writer, self-publisher, exporter, artist, product and programme developer and facilitator. She has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry.

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“I was born into the world of creativity. I was introduced to the intriguing and often complex world of artists and their beautiful artworks from a very young age. This foundation lead me to study and teach art, to become involved with a family business, to promote and support artists, to start my own business, to publish, to create my own art and to reach out to communities both close to me and globally.”

To get in touch with Thea to discuss art buying, art evaluation, or education, or to find out how art can change your life, contact her on

The post Five ways art can impact lives appeared first on The South African.

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