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Ed Sheeran taking in the picturesque Cape Town views [photos]

ed sheeranWe love these photos of Ed Sheeran taking in the beautiful views of Cape Town.

ed sheeran taking in the picturesque cape town views photos 1024x683 - Ed Sheeran taking in the picturesque Cape Town views [photos]

d2eaf503 ed sheeran 1200x800 - Ed Sheeran taking in the picturesque Cape Town views [photos]

Ed Sheeran is probably still recovering from what was a spectacular show at the Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday night.

His Instagram post, showing him posed for the camera with thousands of his fans, tells you what a night he’s had. But, how did he prep for this?

How Ed Sheeran prepared for night one in Cape Town

One would think that artists as big as Sheeran is, would have a media and appearance schedule lined up before the concert.

However, for the British sensation, a calmer, more closer-to-nature experience of the city was preferable.

What better way is there to experience this majestic coastal city than overlooking it from the slopes of Table Mountain? That is exactly what Sheeran opted for.

The singer was with his good friend and bodyguard, Kevin Myers, hours before he opened up the two-night concert on Wednesday.

While he was reading his book, Myers stole moments to take a few snaps of “the hobbit” (Myers calls him that, we’re not guilty).

In those pictures of Sheeran sitting on the grass with a book in his hand — hours before he’s due to sonically rock a packed stadium — with Lion’s Head as the backdrop, we learned just how much of a quiet and down-to-earth person he is.

If that is the meditative strategy he practices before a show then it is certainly effective.

Thousands of Capetonians showed up for Night One and from what we’ve seen on social media, it was an amazing one.

Sheeran to close off South African concert tour in Cape Town

The second and final concert will be at the same venue and at the same time on Thursday, 28 March.

We will have our eyes peeled onto Sheeran’s social media pages to see what else the singer will get up to in that Springbok t-shirt he loves so dearly.

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