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Eco-conscious Cape Town a world leader of environmental change

cape town most expensive suburbsCape Town made the A-list of top climate cities, a new report by the international non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project shows.

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Cape Town is the only South African city to make it onto an international list of cities that stand apart as world leaders of environmental change and awareness. Forty-three cities were ranked as global climate leaders.

The list has been compiled by the international non-profit organization Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) with the results forming part EU Green Week.

The organisation rated 596 cities across the globe with letter grades between A and D based on their environmental performance. This year, they recognised more than 150 corporates as pioneers in acting on climate change.

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CDP took into consideration the corporates journey through disclosure of awareness, management and leadership. The non-profit have been monitoring data to release corporate Climate A Lists since 2011.

Kyra Appleby, Global Director of Cities, States and Regions at CDP, explained to Cities Today that “cities which score an A are taking ambitious actions to reduce their emissions and tackle climate-related risks.”

To make it onto the list of world leaders, cities had to show that they are actively managing the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, adapt to changing climate risks and manage water resources.

These cities have succeeded in facilitating the low-carbon transition while protecting the environment for residents against possible and current environmental threats.

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Hundreds of cities report their climate data results to the CDP via its environmental disclosure platform each year with many of the cities part of C40 Cities, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate, and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

The Top 10 cities in world are as follows:

  • Cape Town, Africa
  • Hong Kong, East Asia
  • Kaohsiung, East Asia
  • Taichung, East Asia
  • Taipei, East Asia
  • Ajuntament da Barcelona, Europe
  • Baerum Kommune, Europe
  • Athens, Europe
  • Paris, Europe
  • Reykjavik, Europe

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