Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

Da Vinci channel will continue to be available on DStv

The Da Vinci channel will stay on as a permanent fixture on the DSTv platform. Here’s what to watch:

da vinci channel will continue to be available on dstv 1024x683 - Da Vinci channel will continue to be available on DStv

Educational family channel Da Vinci will continue to be available to DStv viewers in South Africa, after launching as a pop-up channel in March.

DStv has now added educational kids and family channel, Da Vinci, to its Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access Packages in South Africa. Da Vinci was originally made available to South African viewers as a pop-up channel in March of this year and has now become a full-time channel. This partnership highlights Da Vinci’s growing distribution across Africa since 2014 and has now been available in more than 20 million households.

Educational content

“We are thrilled to continue our exposure in Africa through an extension of our partnership with DStv. Our core values are aligned to ensure that inspiring, educational content is promoted to local communities across the continent,” Da Vinci Media’s CEO, Douglas Lloyd said.

“What we’ve tried to do as DStv provides a safe space for children and parents to choose from a range of age-appropriate content that is entertaining and educational for both. We are excited to have the Da Vinci channel staying on as a permanent fixture on our platform, as this is in line with our commitment to delivering content that caters and resonates with the whole family while enriching their lives by delivering programming that educates, informs and entertains,” Mark Rayner, CEO MultiChoice South Africa.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Da Vinci Media offers fun educational content for kids and families alike through its 24/7 television channel, Da Vinci, and its curated Da Vinci Kids video-on-demand app. Covering a wide range of informative topics, Da Vinci creates a safe and positive environment for younger viewers, free of any violence or potentially unsuitable content.

Top shows on Da Vinci

Cats Uncovered

d7ba1df9 cats uncovered 2 2048x1365 - Da Vinci channel will continue to be available on DStv
Photo: Supplied

Why do cats meow to us but not each other? Why do they hunt even when they are well fed? How are cats different to their ancestors? Tune in to Cats Uncovered for the answers to these questions and more. Using GPS Trackers and a cat camera, a team of scientists followed a hundred cats day and night. The results of their study, presented over three episodes, will astound you! Cats Uncovered on Da Vinci TV.

Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth

1e0c67c0 clean eating the dirty truth 1 2048x1367 - Da Vinci channel will continue to be available on DStv
Photo: Supplied

We all know it’s good to eat healthily but do things like the “clean eating” movement do more harm than good? Dr Giles Yeo tries to separate fact from pseudo-scientific fiction and meets the people whose philosophies have redefined what we eat. Food for thought! Watch Clean Eating – The Dirty Truth and decide for yourself.

Special Highlight

Matildathon – The Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch Marathon

Get cooking with Tilly and her family! Tilly just LOVES cooking. She gets lots of tips from her dad, who is a famous chef. And when he goes to work in Hollywood, the whole Ramsay bunch go with him. Hurrah! They head to the beach and surf the waves. They have some fun with monster make-up. They enjoy a pool party and make new friends. And every day Tilly prepares a yummy feast – for everyone! She even bakes cakes to help sick sea lions! You can try her great recipes at home.

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