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Celebrating David Kramer’s Birthday: Looking back at his career

Celebrating David Kramer’s Birthday! Take a look at how the man on the bicycle with the red veldskoene became a household image.

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It is South African singer-songwriter, David Kramer’s Birthday today!

With a professional career that spans over 40 years, 35 of which have been in theatre, Kramer is seen as a cultural icon in South Africa. He was born in 1951 and reportedly remembers performing for his family when he was only five years old.

Today he celebrates his 68th Birthday.

He told Business Live in 2018:

“My grandfather had given me a little ukulele, and I was doing the kind of Elvis stuff as a kid. My big interest as a teenager was poetry. That’s kind of where the storytelling starts. Describing things with words. Trying to capture the essence of moments.”

David Kramer Early Life:

After growing up in Worcester and studying textile design at Leeds University in the UK where he graduated with an Honours degree in 1974, Kramer went on to perform as a singer-songwriter at folk clubs and campuses across South Africa, singing satirical songs.

“Releasing his first album BAKGAT! in 1980, which was immediately banned in its entirety by the SABC because of its political satire, Kramer pioneered the use of Cape Afrikaans and South African English in his lyrics, sometimes switching between the languages in the same song,” states his official website. “He focussed on small-town South Africa and employed a gritty realism and dark satire to tell his stories and describe his characters.”

Numerous number one hits:

Kramer later rocketed into the public eye with a number one hit, Blokkkies Joubert and another number one, Royal Hotel among a whole lot more.

Other milestones:

Kramer’s contract with Volkswagen South Africa is said to be the longest running celebrity endorsement in SA. It was the beginning of a television and print campaign that won the hearts of many South Africans which was to continue for the next thirteen years.

Another milestone in David’s writing career was when he and Taliep Petersen began collaborating on their first musical project called District Six. It was produced by the Baxter Theatre and Renaye Kramer and opened in April 1987. 

Over the years, Kramer has worked with different musicians, writers, actors and comedians. He’s written numerous musicals and went on to release more than 20 albums. In 2018, his musical, Langarm, made its debut.


He also received the GMT Lifelong Achievement Award in 2005 for his contribution to Afrikaans music. He has also been honoured by the South African Recording Artists Assoc. and entered into their Composers Hall of Fame.

David Kramer Episode 2

Get to know the man behind “Hier sit die manne van die Royal Hotel” and “Haak hom, Blokkies”. David Kramer became popular for his entertaining, satirical Afrikaans songs. In this interview with Gondwana Collection Namibia and Bank Windhoek, David shares the story behind it all. Don’t miss it, especially if at least one of the tunes played in your head upon reading the song names. #Music #GondwanaLodges #BankWindhoek #DavidKramer #Episode2

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