Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Brrr, it’s cold outside: Cosy up your home (part 2)

Needing some inspo for how to cosy up your living areas pre-season change? Here’s part 2 of our DIY top tips.

brrr its cold outside cosy up your home part 2 1024x683 - Brrr, it’s cold outside: Cosy up your home (part 2)

Last month we published the first of this series with some ideas for warming up your home space, pre-season change.

This second rendition offers up further ideas as to how to cosy up your living areas with some helpful DIY top tips to add to the at-home to-do list.

Linen upcycle

Let’s face it, winter needs some brightening up but if changing your wall colour or the like, feels a little drastic for you, start small with changing your linen hues from light to slightly darker shades. 

Try to create a new look whilst working with what you already have, there’s no reason to go out and buy all-new bedding for winter if you’ve got a cupboard full of blankets and sheets.

Layering up your bed is not only versatile for all seasons, but also looks extra luxe and who wouldn’t want to recreate the “princess and a pea” scenario! 

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Bring the outside in

Look to nature’s perfect palette for all the inspiration you’ll need this season. What a great excuse to go for long walks and conquer that winter circulation by collecting a few treasures from the park/ beach or woods that you can use as part of your winter floral display or table centerpiece.

Another one of our favourite things about winter is adding candles, everywhere. Other than adding a flickering mood of romance and soft lighting to everything you do, candles can also add a colour pop or a flavored scent to the season change and all your corresponding memories.

8a52663d winter candles  - Brrr, it’s cold outside: Cosy up your home (part 2)
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From the ground up

Once considered a luxury, but certainly offering a reprieve for your icy winter feet, perhaps it’s time install underfloor heating, for when there is no escaping the cold that creeps in from the ground up.

It’s a great way to warm up your space and it need not be done throughout your whole home. Just prioritize the coziest spot you’d like to lay claims to this winter…and crank up the heat!

If that’s a bit of a stretch in this current economic climate, a great alternative is shaggy, thick rugs to close out the cold and make your home a little extra cosier for winter.

4c0dc088 cozy carpet  - Brrr, it’s cold outside: Cosy up your home (part 2)
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Seal it up

Continuing with the practical advice to banish the winter blues: Windows are one of the main culprits for those pesky breezes creeping in and apart from weatherproofing your windows and doors, your other option to weatherproof yourself this winter is to “wrap your windows” to seal out the cold. 

Layering your home openings with blinds and thicker curtains is a great way to cut through the cold and also adds instant opulence to any room. You can also attempt to DIY a Roman blind yourself, it’s both practical and adds to your aesthetic look without breaking the bank.

39a4895a cozy winter bedroom design  - Brrr, it’s cold outside: Cosy up your home (part 2)
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