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Bad moon rising: People behaving badly before full moon

the full moon and our moods april 2019If you feel like everyone around you is going a bit mal, maybe the moon can explain it. The next full moon isn’t due for a few weeks, but the lunar cycle is at an interesting point.

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Note: The information in this piece should be taken with a pinch of salt. While the impact of the moon on nature and tides is well documented and scientifically proven, the studies on human behaviour is a bit more frivolous.

If you’re feeling a bit like people around you are behaving
unusually, you’re not alone. Sure, some of that might be down to all this extra
time we’ve had off, but if you’re into the moon and all that, there might be a
good reason.

Everyone’s heard the phrase “met die maan gepla”,
directly translated to being “bothered” by the moon. The moon affects
a lot of things here on our giant rock and many people believe it impacts our
moods, too.

Do a quick search for “moon and moods” and you’ll
find loads of explanations of how it impacts us. The simplest summary is this

The moon is pulling on our emotional centres, and at the new
and full moon, its pull is maximized. While the moon’s magnetic effect is not
creating a physical movement of water in our bodies (according to science), it
could be bringing heightened emotions to surface.

The Lunar effect

This phrase refers specifically to the real or imaginary
correlations between specific stages of the lunar cycle and how we behave.  By the late 1980s, there were at least 40
published studies on the purported lunar-lunacy connection. These studies have
looked at all sorts of things ranging from law and order to sleep and even the
stock market. Where do you think the word “lunatic” comes from?

The full moon is the worst culprit

The last full moon has already come and gone for April. The
full moon appeared on 19 April, according to space.com. However, we’re heading
into the last quarter before the new moon. And yes, you guessed it, there are
theories about the impact the last quarter of the moon cycle has on us, too.

The last quarter of the moon

Spiritual teachers believe that this phase is the time to
let go of all the anger and irritation that has been building up throughout the

Some even say that it is this time of the lunar cycle where
there is a turning point in an important project or task.

The last quarter of the moon will be on 27 April at around 00:18… so  maybe all that restless energy isn’t all that imagined.

When is the next full moon?

Things tend to go really off kilter when the full moon is visible. The next full moon is expected between 18 and 19 May 2019. So, if you think things are wild now, buckle up.

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