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Ann Jangle’s African Dream Parade: A vision of a kinder future

Passionate about music and making a difference in the lives of others Ann Jangle sets out on a tour with a difference to accompany her new album the African Dream Parade.

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African Dream Parade is the name of experimental artist and animal lover Ann Jangle’s brand new album, but it is so much more than that.

After ten years of performing in over 16 countries and using the gift of music to uplift communities and promoting animal welfare, Ann sets out to bring her dream to life in June.

Next month Ann will set out to bicycle solo all the way to Kenya to promote her album and also raise awareness for endangered animals, specifically the African Wild Dog.

Ann will be playing shows across South Africa to raise funds for her trip from Cape Town to Kenya, before beginning her cycle journey in Botswana. Initially she had planned to drive up through Botswana and on to Kenya but on reviewing her plan felt that such an effort would leave an unacceptably large carbon foot print, regardless of any good work that might get done.

When asked to explain the African Dream Parade to us, Ann told the South African:

“It’s a tour, it’s a commitment, and now also the name of my 1st solo album that just been released. Available now for download on all media platforms

“For the musical part of this tour, I am playing shows across South Africa to tell my story & explain my mission but most importantly, to raise funds to sustain me through my African journey. 

“At first I was going to drive to Kenya but I realized that I was going to leave a massive carbon footprint so I decided to cycle there starting next month, June 2019, exactly 1 year after I sold everything and dedicated my life to the African Dream Parade tour.

“I will be starting at the Ramotswa Border Post, Botswana & make my way up to Kenya. Solo woman on a bicycle to learn more about & raise awareness for the endangered African Wild Dog.”

Ann is eco-conscious artist who has spent time travelling across South Africa playing music and aiding in the construction of animal shelters, she hopes to spread her message of love and care for animals, the environment and one another on this tour.

The original plan had been to travel up Africa’s east coast through Mozambique but opted instead to travel through landlocked Botswana; the devastating effects of cyclone’s Idai and Kenneth on the north of the country, convinced her this was the correct course of action.

Her time in Botswana will be spent learning more about endangered species and volunteering her time and spreading her message.

“I will be cycling alone through Botswana. I was initially going to start cycling from Mozambique right after the STRAB festival in Ponta Malongane but after 2 devastating cyclones hit the country I knew that my decision to cycle was wise. It is our Carbon footprint that has lead to global warming and I feel that this is just the beginning of the extreme weather conditions Africa is going to experience if we don’t make a drastic change,” she adds.

Ann may have set out to cycle across Botswana alone but preparation for the tour has required assistance from a number of people.

When we asked if there was anyone she would like to thank for their help Ann laid out the names of the super heroes who helped her bring the African Dream Parade to life.

“Mike Hunter! He is my magic sound guru man. I dont leave on a music tour without him. 

“Matthew De Jongh! Sponsored my bicycle and is preparing me for the most ambitious journey of my life! He saw my request on Facebook and offered to help me with all of this because of his love for music, cycling & animals many months ago. I just met him now for the first time here on tour in Pretoria. What a legend! 

“‘Slabbie’ who has the biggest heart but doesn’t want anyone to know this. He saved us from being homeless in Gauteng and whose help has surpassed all our understanding. 

“Antonio Cencherle, my producer and musical soul mate. He created magic, and together we just flow. He is also a cyclist so we share many passions but most importantly he produces music in a way that just blows my mind. Always bringing the best out of me. 

“Alan, Chris, Bonny Kenton on Sea who has helped sponsor my vision beyond words.”

If you know Ann at all you will know that her rescue dogs Kevin and Kezzy mean the world to her. She says that leaving them behind was very hard but felt that her efforts might help many more animals enjoy a more pleasant existence.

Knowing how much Ann loves her fur babies we asked if leaving them behind was the hardest part of this trip?

“Kevin has been with me all the way since we hit the road last year. Kezzy I recently adopted in Graskop whilst building dog kennels for a new animal welfare organisation so they are both travel dogs and love nothing more than riding in the car with me to the next gig but yes, to answer your question, this is the hardest decision I have ever made,” she replied.

“They will be staying with my closest friend who is even more of a crazy dog lady than me. They will be in good hands & get so much love. I also leave her my vehicle so that they have the smell with them and that familiarity. Also if anything should happen to me she can sell my car and look after my babies. But nothing will happen. I have them I need to get back to. They are my whole world. Okay. I actually want to cry right now……..but this is something I need to do. For all the Kevins & Kezzys of the world who don’t have voices.”

African Dream Parade as an album

Ann’s new album is an eclectic mix of musical styles and cannot be neatly categorized although it is clearly a creation rooted in African influence.

“I am an experimental artist dabbing in many genres, from Dark Folk, Gypsy Blues, to dreamy, African chanting, progressive World Music, ranging from brass infested, 12 piece big band productions to solo performances,” Ann describes her sound.

“I love singing, yet never liked big crowds so I try be very selective with commercial festivals I apply for, but I know this is where I need to play to gain more interest, raise more awareness for my mission.

” This new solo album is very trippy. A mixture of African, Dreamy rhythms. Layers of vocal harmonies with a shamanic, Opera twist at times. I would say World Music as it doesn’t really fit into anything else Genre wise. Its outside of any music I have ever produced and feels so incredibly natural. “

Ann Jangle’s vision

Ann is passionate about performing live music and connecting souls through one of the oldest art-forms known to man. She believes is the power of live music and the power of kindness. She advocates for the protection and care of animals and wants everyone to do the right thing and spay and neuter their animals. She also encourages co-operation in approaching the global plastic problem.

“There are two things I am very passionate about,” says Ann.

SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC! NEVER STOP. It’s an ancient art-form that has changed significantly over time but it is still an art-form nonetheless and needs to be preserved.

TOGETHER WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We, especially in South Africa, need to educate each other on the disastrous effects of plastic and the importance of getting your animals sterilized.”

The African Dream Parade is available for download on iTunes and Google Play Music.

Ann will be playing a fundraising show at the Vinyl Fair at Capital Craft in the Highveld Shopping centre in Centurion on 1 June.

For more information on the African Dream Parade visit

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