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Ann Grim’s first solo show at h Club in London, ‘A Journey To 3047’

Through different mediums, Ann explores key issues such as reproduction, space migration and the evolution of human interaction.

ann grims first solo show at h club in london a journey to 3047 - Ann Grim’s first solo show at h Club in London, ‘A Journey To 3047’

Ann Grimm spent her teens in Cape Town, later lived in Paris and has now moved to London. Her first solo show in London, curated by h Club’s Ali Hillman, runs from 28th June – 4th July.

b1b01317 ann grim cphoto patrick chelli copie - Ann Grim’s first solo show at h Club in London, ‘A Journey To 3047’
Ann Grim. Image by Patrick Chelli

A Journey to 3047 offers a reflection on the possible future outcomes of humankind, with a focus on the year 3047, whilst also serving as a retrospective of Ann’s earlier work on the topic of social domination.

Ann’s reflection is led by the visualisation of tomorrow, raising a series of question around one main interrogation: What could be the path to 3047?

As a cross-disciplinary artist with a futuristic vision, Ann’s work explores the space between dreams and reality. She explores the possibility of different futures and the scenarios of eternal life, the evolution of humankind, and space migration.

51ae9001 exemple of scenography - Ann Grim’s first solo show at h Club in London, ‘A Journey To 3047’
Example of Scenography

She expresses the intricacy of social, urban and cultural issues such as reproduction, the survival of the fittest and the fabric of new human interactions. Her artworks range from painting to sculptures, installations and films, but also, more recently, performance and virtual reality experiences.

Of A Journey To 3047, Ann Grim says, “We are in mutation: technology, progress and markets repair the body and prolong life. Internet and social networks normalise and commercialise unthinkable human exchanges. Our growth-predicted civilisation is running out of steam and the possibility of a more human civilisation is slowly emerging.

I chose to create works that raise the question of possible human outcomes. Faced with a society on the brink of collapse, there is a glimmer of hope.”

7b3c49a7 169 beyond the unknown 3mn animated film 2014 ann grim - Ann Grim’s first solo show at h Club in London, ‘A Journey To 3047’
Beyond The Unknown – 3mn animated film – 2014

TheSouthAfrican.com was at her opening last night and asked a couple of questions.

What do you think a Cape Town of 3047 will look and feel like?

That is a very interesting question… To start with Cape Town will be seen much closer to London, a neighbour of some sort. The ‘world’ will become a much bigger place, with planets and solar systems joining the ‘world’ umbrella, continents will become regions and regions provinces.

In my scenario, one of many possible future outcomes, Cape Town would have been submerged for quite some time and could have become one of the first liveable submerged cities on Earth. Its resilience would have allowed its generosity and beauty to evolve in a new form of life underwater.

4a22e41a capture d’écran 2018 01 25 à 17.40.51 copie - Ann Grim’s first solo show at h Club in London, ‘A Journey To 3047’

Do you think that artists are the seed-makers of all human evolution? Literally, what we can see we’ll manifest?

Very much so. As an artist I have been strongly influenced by sci-fi which has also been a huge source of inspiration for scientific development. Imagination has a massive impact on realisation and future development. I strongly believe that artists can plant the seed with their visions and imaginations and in collaboration (directly or indirectly) with scientists, philosophers, influencers they shape the future of human evolution.

Show details

Show Title: A Journey To 3047

Artist: Ann Grim

Venue: The h Club Gallery, 24 Endell St, London WC2H 9HQ

Dates: 28th June – 4th July 2019


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