Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

AKA shares his essential travel tips after trip to Istanbul

aka travel tipsAKA took the time out of his young vacation to share his essential travel tips.

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Kiernan Forbes — rap name, AKA — in many respects, is a man of class. On his recent trip to Istanbul, Bhova thought it’d be gracious of him to share what life is like in a world where travelling Business Class on Turkish Airlines is general fixture of his life.

On his way back to South Africa, from Los Angeles, California, the Touch My Blood rapper went on a sponsored visit to Istanbul, in Turkey.

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AKA leaves LA with KCA Award

The visit comes just days after AKA picked up the Favourite South African Star award at the Nickelodeon KCAs.

To pat himself on the back for being the coolest dad in Africa, the Mega treated himself to a leisure trip to the Turkish super city.

Feeling the effervescence of life near the Bosporus narrow that overlooks Europe and Asia, Bhova thought it’d be wise to share what it is like to live in the skies, traveling from one end of the earth to the other.

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These are the essential travel tips Bhova shared with the world:

How to prepare for an international trip

Some prefer planning ahead for an international trip. It is a lesser heartache to be ready for the airport hours before your flight, with everything packed at least two nights before. However, a life like AKA’s moves at a much faster pace.

“Normally I get a haircut and throw all my clothes into a bag 30 minutes before I have to leave. Then I check if I have my passports and then make a run for it,” he says.

For the Mega, a window seat on a Turkish Airlines business class carriage and gym clothes are the ultimate essential for an international trip.

Top five things to pack

This is what Bhova has to have in his luggage:

  • A portable charger;
  • Reebok sneakers (we see what you did there);
  • a Rolex watch (or a Swatch, or a Casio…);
  • a laptop; and
  • an open mind

A travelling hack to avoid at all cost

Probably not the most orthodox thing to do — and something only the coolest dudes could pull off — the rapper believes less time spent at the airport makes the international trip all the more sweeter.

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“Make sure you get a plug who works at the airport to take you through VIP customs and check-in,” he added.

His travel motto?

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

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