Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

25th edition of Oppikoppi music festival has been cancelled

oppikoppi music festival cancelledThe event organisers announced that the music festival would return in 2020.

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The shockers just keep on coming in and on Wednesday, Oppikoppi revealed that it would not be hosting its premium festival in 2019.

As reported by IOL News, the 25th edition of South Africa’s longest-standing festivals was supposed to be this year. However, according to the event organisers, they were forced to push the annual music gathering to 2020.

“This was a very big decision for us. The decision was made after discussions with all stakeholders, our international investors, partners and sponsors on the viability of the project this year and we have their full support and backing on the decision,” the event organisers noted in a statement.

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Why is Oppikoppi 2019 cancelled?

One of the main reasons for this decision, Oppikoppi said, was due to the rampant spate of crimes that have befallen festivals in South Africa.

The music event, in August 2018, was marred by cases of robbery, where festivalgoers were targeted for their belongings. It was so bad, one camper had his entire tent stolen.

The event organisers noted that for the festival to move forward from last year’s embarrassment, it was forced to take a brief hiatus and allow enough time to work on security measures and other upgrades without feeling pressured to charge that on the ticket price.

“By taking a gap year, we are giving ourselves the breathing room to redesign the festival and bring in the necessary changes without impacting the festival goer by increasing ticket prices.

“We believe that in doing this, we will bring everyone a fresh new festival, ready to take music lovers forward for the next 25 years,” they said.

“We’re open to all suggestions” – Oppikoppi management

This news has certainly not sat well with avid followers of the music festival. However, Oppikoppi’s CEO, Theresho Selesho, has encouraged people to assist the brand in its hibernation.

“We’re open to all suggestions on venues, provinces, bands, genres, stages, entertainment, bars and any crazy ideas that you may have for the 25th edition of South Africa’s most-loved festival. Send them to:,” he said.

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