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Why South African’s trust this UK investment brand

Vita Student is Britain’s leading student accommodation developer and 150 South African’s have enjoyed high investment returns with the brand since 2006.

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Around the world, the UK is widely known for the quality of its universities.

But in 2012, a problem was identified.

While international students have always paid high rents for student property in the UK, traditional British student property was often of poor quality. Domestic students, too, are looking to live in better-quality accommodation.

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UK university education on the rise

It comes at a time when the demand for a UK university
education shows few signs of reducing. A record number of domestic students
applied for a university place in 2018 alone, while applications from outside
of the UK also increased by 7.6%.

With not enough of the right type of accommodation to cater
for rising student numbers, it created a huge investment opportunity for
student property investors in the UK.

Vita Student was the solution.

Vita Student

  • Prime locations, close to city centres and
  • High-quality living spaces and communal
  • Award-winning customer service levels
  • Unforgettable social events unrivalled by any
    other provider in the market

Unlike anything else in the UK, Vita Student is the brand
that students want to live with year-after-year. Within just a few short years,
it became the most in-demand accommodation among students in the UK’s elite
university cities. A new benchmark for quality had been set.

For investors, Vita Student enables them to invest in
properties that can command the highest rental premiums, drive rebooking rates
and, ultimately, deliver sustainable long-term investment success.

Over 7,500 Vita Student properties have been delivered to date
or are in the pipeline across the UK. £121 million (R2.2 billion) has been
generated in rental income, with 150 South Africa-based investors among those
to achieve strong returns on their investment already.

Now, with increasing numbers of South African’s looking to
move more of their wealth overseas, Vita Student’s 20th project
presents more investors in the country with the opportunity to own a
high-quality investment in one of the UK’s most stable property sectors.

Take your place in Vita Student Cardiff with just a 30% deposit and enjoy a fully managed UK property investment with assured yields.

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