Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Get serious about your business – get a card payment machine

Today’s shoppers expect to be able to pay by card.

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This is true whether you are working in a retail outlet, in your customer’s home, client’s business, or on the road.  As such, a card payment machine has become essential.

Getting one for your small business will be one of the best management decisions you will ever make. With this in mind let’s look at key advantages a card machine brings to your business.

Card machine for small business equals better customer

One of the key aspects of obtaining a card machine for a small to medium business is that you can now offer the same level of customer service as your corporate competitors.

It is fair to say that many in the world would rather do business with a guy trying to grow their business than a corporate giant, but aspects such as not being able to take credit card payments are a factor in choosing the established brand.

Now, with the
advent of credit card machines becoming affordable, you can overcome
trepidation on the part of prospective clients and customers simply by giving
more convenient payment options. These aspects are important as they build
trust with your customers and clients.

Card payment machines an important step to grow your business

Moving to
credit card machines is an important step in growing your business. They not
only allow you to provide the customer service options above, but they help
your confidence to grow in the endeavor.

payments by card gives you a sense of empowerment. Your start-up business has
taken a major step into competing with the big players. The feelings of
confidence this brings cannot be overstated. When you take your first payment
by card it is almost as good as taking your first payment. This is another
victory in overcoming the business challenges you face.

Choosing your credit card machine

When choosing
a card machine you should consider the following:

  • Costs
  • Cards accepted
  • Ease of use
  • Robustness
  • The kind of card machine you need
  • Support

In this country, many card machines in the UK are supplied by the giants of the industry although smaller and more competitive offerings from the likes of SumUp have entered the market.

Their machines offer the same functionality as the corporate giants but at a reduced cost. They are rapidly growing in popularity and have empowered entrepreneurs and small business owners to step up in terms of what they can offer their clients and customers.

In terms of costs, many machines can be purchased for under £70 and then transaction fees are applied to each transaction. Normally, this is less than 2% on each payment. Your card machine will not eat into your profits.

Available card payment machines

Card payment
machines come in different forms and happily, there is one to suit your needs.
Consider the following options:

Mobile card machines

Thanks to the internet, you can now take payments on the road, at a client’s business, in a customer’s home, anywhere you can connect online. They work by connecting to the internet via a mobile network normally via your phone and a corresponding app. Some readers have mobile technology built in.

The information is encrypted at every stage so the risk of getting hacked is virtually nil.

This gives
you professional options and your customer or client doesn’t have to rush out
to the bank to get the cash to pay you, and they don’t have to hold large sums
in their home.

If you work
on the road, you won’t lose trade because a family doesn’t have the cash to pay
you and they don’t have time to get to a cashpoint.

Mobile card machines enable your business to be fluid and sharp. Thanks to their fluidity, mobile card readers operate just as well inside fixed premises as they do on the road.

Point of Sale (POS) card readers

POS credit
card readers were developed for the retail, service, and hospitality
industries. They work by having a base unit connected online. To this base
unit, you can have several card payment machines. This enables you to take the
card reader to the customer or client and let them pay from their seat. This is
arguably the best customer service you can give and it takes the fuss out of
payments and reduces payment queues.

Final thoughts on card machines

There are
essential aspects you need to have in place to run a start-up business. It is
fair to say that if you want your business to grow at a fair rate, getting a
card reader is essential. They make you competitive, they facilitate great
customer service, and you will not miss a sale as your prospective client or
customer didn’t have enough cash to pay you at a given time.

Get a card machine for your business and watch your business take off.

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