Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Big data solution providers: Why your business needs them

Big data solution providers have revolutionised the way businesses handle, process, analyse and store their big data to make business operations more efficient.

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MAs a business owner, you must have come across the word ‘Big
data’ and you are probably wondering what the heck this is. In layman terms, big data refers to
large volumes of data
while big data solution refers to the technology that
an organization employs to handle, process as well as store these large volumes
of data.

data solution providers
are crucial to a business in this age of the
Internet of Things. They help a business to analyze and interpret their data.
They also ensure that the business is digitally compliant as well as offer
other sales-boosting solutions such as customer experience analytics.

Do businesses really need big data solution

If your business is just a
recent startup and the amount of data can be easily handled in-house then there
is no need. However, if the data volumes are massive like in the ranges of
terabytes and petabytes, then it is wise to consider a big data solution.

It is hard to imagine but all big data was once small data so
it is wise to consider a solution as early as possible because as the business
grows, so does the data.

is big data solution important to a business?

It makes business operations efficient and helps in making
informed and low-risk decisions.

It also helps in improving customer experience as well. The ability to analyse customer needs means that a business is able to tailor-make their products and services to properly suit their customer’s needs.

Basically, big data has revolutionized business in a big way.
It has made businesses adapt very fast to the changing trends so as to stay on
top of the game.

to look for when choosing the right big data solution provider for your

There are so many big data solution providers out there and
they all vary in cost and quality of services. So what exactly should you be
looking for when choosing one for your business?

Security of your data: The topmost
consideration is how safe your data will be against any form of hacking,
leakage or tampering.

Accessibility: You must be able
to access the data anytime you wish to and from anywhere you are. Your provider
should also allow for easy retrieval of data in different formats be it graphs,
maps, charts or any other form.

Data Compression: Big data
requires massive storage space which comes at a large cost and so you should
consider a provider that uses data compression technology to lessen the cost of

Scalability: You might find
that your business may require a larger storage space than earlier anticipated
forcing you to upgrade. Your provider should be able to allow for the upgrade
at a considerable price.

Instant feedback and
real-time analysis
: It is important for a business to know what is currently
happening so that they react in the earliest time possible.

Regardless of the industry, a business is in; big data solution providers will come in handy at some point. The rapid growth of data is undeniable. As of the end of 2018, the amount of data existing in the digital world was estimated to be 2.7 Zettabytes. And much more is expected as more devices get connected.

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