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Battle of the supermarkets: the shops with the cheapest groceries

Grocery, Shopping basket, groceries, food, vegetablesFood, fuel and electricity costs all need to be factored into our budgets. We look at which are the cheapest grocery stores.

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Food, fuel and electricity costs continue to rise and we find ourselves having to get a bit more creative with our budgets. Managing your grocery bill is one way to help you stay in the green.

Unfortunately, our expenses are growing but our paychecks are remaining the same.

BankservAfrica noted that the average real take-home pay increased by only 1.5% year-on-year in February to reach a real average increase to R14,066 a month.

To add to our financial woes, it seems our friendly neighbourhood grocers are tweaking their prices as well.

According to BusinessTech grocery shops have also pushed the prices of their food even higher than the reported initial increases. Whereas some items had seen an increase of around 15%, the price in the store was higher.

For this comparison, BusinessTech took 12 common food items from grocery stores Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar and compared the prices. They used store brands were possible and did not use items that are measured on a per kg basis.

It doesn’t pay to be healthy

The table below compares the average cost of a basket of groceries from 2018 – 2019.

Product Description 2018 Average 2019 Average Changes
Apples 1.5kg R24.74 R28.74 16.2%
Bread Brown, one loaf R9.99 R10.37 3.8%
Cabbage One head R13.74 R16.49 20.0%
Coca Cola 2 litres R16.69 R21.99 31.8%
Eggs 6 extra large R20.61 R20.24 -1.8%
Flour Snowflake, 2.5kg R38.95 R41.24 5.9%
Maize Ace, 2.5kg R22.24 R25.49 14.6%
Margarine Rama 500g R26.62 R32.24 21.2%
Milk Full Cream 2l R26.68 R26.23 -1.7%
Rice White, 2kg R23.53 R22.97 -2.4%
Sugar White, 2kg R36.64 R38.49 5.0%
Tea 100 bags R30.64 R28.47 -6.2%
Total R291.05 R315.23 8.3%

Fruit and vegetables prices went up substantially which is worrying as these are basic food items every household needs.

Coke, on the other hand, is not an everyday staple so you can make up some savings by leaving that off your shopping list.

Check out at Checkers

Looking at each store individually, figures shows that Woolworths had the biggest increase this year from R320.14 – R357.87.

A basket of groceries from Spar last year would have cost you R297.54 but in 2019 you will pay R306.39. This was the smallest price jump amongst the stores with an increase of R8.85.

Pick n Pay jumped from R288.84 in 2018 to R316.88.

The Checkers basket, which was also the cheapest, went from R257.68 – R278.78. Here we saw an increase of R22.10.

Here is the cost of items per store.

Product Description Woolworths Spar Pick n Pay Checkers
Apples 1.5kg R30.99 R29.99 R28.99 R24.99
Bread Brown, one loaf R13.99 R9.50 R8.99 R8.99
Cabbage One head R16.99 R17.99 R16.99 R13.99
Coca Cola 2 litres R21.99 R21.99 R21.99 R21.99
Eggs 6 extra large R27.99 R13.99 R18.99 R19.99
Flour Snowflake, 2.5kg R39.98 R47.99 R43.99 R32.99
Maize Ace, 2.5kg R26.99 R24.99 R25.99 R23.99
Margarine Rama 500g R31.99 R34.99 R31.99 R29.99
Milk Full Cream 2l R27.95 R26.99 R24.99 R24.99
Rice White, 2kg R27.99 R23.99 R19.99 R19.89
Sugar White, 2kg R40.99 R33.99 R38.99 R39.99
Tea 100 bags R41.99 R19.99 R34.99 R17.99
Total R349.83 R306.39 R316.88 R279.78

So as you can see by shopping at Checker’s instead of Woolworths, Pick n Pay or Spar you can save yourself R70.05, R26.61and R37.1.

That’s approximately 4L, 1.5L and 2L of petrol! What a win!

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